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Loss Control Safety Bulletins

Welcome to our library of loss control bulletins designed to provide you with pertinent and current risk management information from AIG Programs and ISO Engineering and Safety content. This library is populated with bulletins to help you identify and evaluate exposures, with recommended actions to control losses from risks ranging from crime to fire, liability to natural hazards, and more. We continuously add to the topics available to keep you abreast of current risk topics and information.

Broadcasters Business Continuity Checklist
Buildings Under Construction Fire Prevention Checklist
Commercial Cooking Fire Safety Checklist
Commercial Cooking Using Solid Fuels Fire Safety Checklist
Commodity And General Storage Considerations
Dishwasher Damage Prevention
Elastomeric Coupling Failures on Fire Pumps

Elastomeric (Plastic) Fire Pump Coupling
Electrical Cords and Temporary Wiring Fire Prevention Checklist
Electrical Self Inspection Checklist
Fire Detectors
Fire Prevention Checklist for Restaurants
Flammable and Combustible Liquids Container Sizing
Flammable and Combustible Liquids Storage Cabinets
Flammable Gases
FreezeUp of Fire Protection Systems
General Fire Safety Checklist
Housekeeping Checklist for Fire Prevention
Houses of Worship Fire Prevention Checklist
HSB Equipment Maintenance Checklist
HSB Guidelines for Providing Surge Protection
HSB Preparing for Electrical Power Interruptions
Lithium Ion Battery Exposures in Recycling Industries
Mercantile Occupancies - Fire Safety Checklist
Office Fire Safety
Paper Recyclers:Best Practices –Fire Prevention
Schools Fire Prevention Checklist
Shooting Range Fire Prevention
Small Business Self Evaluation Checklist Housekeeping
Sprinkler System - Obstructions and Impediments
Sprinkler System - Procedures for Draining Systems
Sprinkler System Control Valve Inspection Testing and Maintenance
Sprinkler System Dry Pipe Valves Flow and Trip Test Procedure
Sprinkler System Dry Pipe Valves Inspection and Testing Checklist
Sprinkler System Main Drain Test Procedure
Standpipe systems Types Inspection Testing and Maintenance
Washing Machine Water Damage Prevention
Water Heater Prevention Maintenance
Water Leak Prevention Sinks Toilets
Welding and Cutting - Hot Work Permit
Wildfire Tip Sheet