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Group Accident & Health Insurance

Our Accident & Health policies meet the evolving needs of multinational corporations, small domestic companies, schools, nonprofits, and more.

What is Accident & Health Insurance?

Accident & Health insurance covers work-related accidents and emergencies. These policies often fill gaps not covered by traditional health insurance, so organizations may add this type of coverage for employees with greater risk of injury due to the unique demands of their job. Coverage can also extend to international locations or business travel.

Security issues, medical emergencies, and inconveniences like forced evacuations are all examples of travel-related incidents that can happen anywhere in the world and disrupt productivity. Offering Accident & Health insurance may also attract talent by demonstrating an organization’s commitment to the safety and well-being of the people who work there.

Why choose AIG for Group Accident & Health Insurance?

AIG has 50+ years of pioneering experience in Accident & Health (A&H) insurance. Our clients include schools and universities, nonprofit organizations, multinational businesses, and many other groups with both traditional and hard-to-place risks.

  • Through 24/7 access to the AIG Travel Assistance website and mobile app, we provide traveling employees with emergency contacts, travel risk training, important travel security and health information, and country/city guides. 
  • AIG is also among a select group of carriers who can structure a BTA Controlled Master Program that includes local policies in countries where required by regulation, and where many clients have exposure.

The AIG Advantage

AIG Accident & Health Solutions

AIG’s A&H coverage can be customized to address your company’s unique risk factors. We provide innovative solutions for Corporate Accident, Specialty Accident & Health, and Direct Marketing.

If you need flexible, reliable accident coverage, and emergency support services for your employees, this is a great place to start. These are comprehensive accident policies for on-the-job, travel, or 24-hour coverage. All policies include 24/7/365 support.

If you need tailored coverage for unusual risk factors, these policies cover accidents and out-of-country travel incidents. Specialty Accident & Health can complement your general liability insurance policy by filling in gaps or by offering broader limits. 

Brokers: Meet Your AIG Team

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The scenarios described herein are offered only as examples. Coverage depends on the actual facts of each case and the terms, conditions and exclusions of each individual policy. Anyone interested in the above product(s) should request a copy of the standard form of policy for a description of the scope and limitations of coverage.

  • Corporate Accident & Health Insurance

  • Specialty Accident & Health Insurance

  • Accident & Health Licensing and Appointment Requirements