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Extreme temperatures combined with wind, snow, and flooding can spell disaster for residential and commercial properties

Get Ready for Winter

Taking a few steps now to prepare for the winter season packed with weather related risks can help you and your business stay safe. In addition to the Winter Weather Tip Sheet, please find additional tools and resources to help you prepare for extreme cold weather.

Cold Weather Snow Loading

Accumulations of snow on building and structure roofs may result in structural and/or roof-covering damage, as well as resulting damage to building contents. Damage may result from inadequate structural design, drifting of snow in areas of differing roof elevations, excessive weight of rain following snow, or an unusually heavy, wet snowstorm. Structural changes during renovations, additions and equipment installations have also been responsible for later damage. The following checklist may assist those in areas susceptible to snow. 

The following general checklist should be tailored to processes/operations, protection features and potential impact at your facility and can be used in developing your Emergency Response Plan for use during an impending snow and ice weather event. 

Downloadable Materials

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Cold Weather Snow Loading Tip Sheet