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Cyber Insurance

Cyber Resiliency Program – empowering cyber insureds to elevate their cyber resiliency.

Why choose AIG for Cyber Insurance?

In 1999, AIG launched one of the industry’s first cybersecurity insurance protection programs. We’ve been helping clients navigate this rapidly growing area of risk ever since through innovation and insights gathered from our 25 years of experience.

With data now one of the most valuable (and vulnerable) assets an organization can hold, we can help our clients understand the nuances of cyber threats, how those threats might evolve, and how to mitigate their risk of a security breach. If an attack occurs, we have solutions that protect against financial and physical losses, plus expert support to respond and recover quickly.

The AIG Advantage

  • Provides clients an enhanced cyber risk assessment (PDF), with expert guidance from AIG’s Cyber Risk Advisors (PDF) to remediate loss control gaps using best practices

  • Offers complimentary high-level cyber risk assessments (PDF), using information provided during the underwriting process, even if a policy is not ultimately purchased

  • Helps clients continuously verify cyber risk maturity, prioritize improvements, and improve cyber security investments with CyberMatics®  – our patented, award-winning data and technology-driven process

  • Provides clients 24/7 cyber hotline access in the event of a known—or just suspected—incident 

  • Initiates rapid incident response and collaborative claims handling via the CyberEdge Communications Platform leveraging AIG cyber claims experts and a network of specialized legal and forensic firms

  • Provides clients support and guidance from claims experts, 90% of whom are former lawyers and who average 20+ years’ experience

AIG Cyber at a Glance

CyberEdge Communications Platform

The CyberEdge Communication Platform, powered by Cygnvs, enables reporting of a cyber claim and off-network collaboration to efficiently manage incident response.

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Advantages in Action


AIG identified known malware in a higher education client’s library network and quickly notified them of the vulnerability.


Working with AIG’s team, the client’s CISO isolated the infected systems, began remediation steps, and retained third-party forensic services to help with the investigation.

AIG Benefit

AIG provided the CISO with their first notification about a cyber vulnerability. The CISO appreciated AIG’s actionable information calling it “a feather in AIG’s cap” and a “valuable part of what cyber insurance is going forward.”


While underwriting for a policy for a new healthcare client, AIG identified a potential area of weakness in the client’s ransomware controls.


The underwriter introduced the client to AIG’s Cyber Risk Advisors, who detailed the weakness, its potential impacts across their systems, and recommended new controls to decrease the vulnerability. The client also enrolled in CyberMatics to continuously verify the effectiveness of its controls throughout the policy period.

AIG Benefit

By leveraging AIG’s expertise, the client resolved a critical vulnerability in its systems before a claim could occur. Additionally, they benefited from more tailored policy terms at renewal with AIG’s understanding of the client’s cybersecurity practices via CyberMatics.


A successful phishing attack and a client’s lack of following the principle of  least privilege resulted in its network becoming infected with ransomware. Several servers were encrypted, and manufacturing activity was stalled. The threat actor demanded $2M bitcoin in exchange for a decryption key and an agreement not to publish sensitive information.


Working with AIG’s claims experts and partners, it was quickly determined that infected files could be restored from system backups and no ransom payment was required. AIG and expert partners also guided the client through the necessary regulatory disclosures and formal notifications, as customer and employee records had been accessed by the threat actor.

AIG Benefit

AIG’s cyber claims team and our relationships with specialized legal and forensic firms support clients’ end-to-end response to cyber events and facilitate prompt return to full operations. Additionally, CyberEdge covers legal and forensic expenses, as well as the cost of the notification efforts and related call center and credit monitoring offering.

AIG Cyber Coverages

AIG’s CyberEdge® risk management approach provides coverage for physical and non-physical losses resulting from a cyber event. Coverage is available through a standalone CyberEdge policy or endorsed onto select Financial Lines, Property, and Casualty policies.   

To find the best fit for your needs, see our cyber coverage guide. (PDF)

Provides coverage for financial costs associated with a breach, including but not limited to first-party costs, such as event response, data restoration, network interruption, and cyber extortion.

Learn more about AIG’s Cyber Application

Provides coverage for losses in the physical world caused by a cyber event, including primary coverage for business interruption, first-and third-party property damage, physical injury to third parties, and products/completed operations coverage.

Cyber liability coverage that sits excess of traditional property and casualty policies on a DIC/DIL basis. 

CyberEdge PC (PDF)

AIG Specialty Risk Protector

Our updated Speciality Risk Protector form provides one seamless policy for cyber liability and specialty professional liability coverages.

Brokers: Meet Your AIG Team

View contact information for AIG’s national product and distribution teams.

Downloadable Materials

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Cyber Highlight Sheet

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AIG's Cyber Coverages

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AIG's Cyber Underwriting Application

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Sample Client Cyber Maturity Report

What is Cyber Insurance?

Even with the most up-to-date security measures in place, cyber-attacks can happen. A cyber-attack (sometimes called a “data breach”) can expose and leverage sensitive information – like passwords, social security numbers, and proprietary work. This makes data one of the most valuable (and vulnerable) assets an organization can hold.

Cyber insurance helps companies assess and mitigate their risk of a security breach and protect against litigation and reputation loss if an attack occurs. 

These policies may also help with other aspects of cyber incidents:

  • Restoration of information
  • Data recovery
  • Repairs to your company’s computer systems
  • Forensic investigations
  • Ransom reimbursement

The scenarios described herein are offered only as examples. Coverage depends on the actual facts of each case and the terms, conditions and exclusions of each individual policy. Anyone interested in the above product(s) should request a copy of the standard form of policy for a description of the scope and limitations of coverage.