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Completion of the registration process does not guarantee that a company will receive a contract or request to bid, nor does it confer any preferred supplier status. Information provided is treated in a confidential manner and subject to all reasonable safeguards against disclosure. 

Supplier Code of Conduct

Our Supplier Code of Conduct provides basic principles for Suppliers to follow when they do business with us.

Supplier Diversity

AIG proactively seeks out diverse-owned enterprises and provides opportunities for these businesses to participate in the bidding and procurement process. Supplier Diversity is a strategic business initiative, aligned with the goals of the AIG Global Sourcing & Procurement Services (GS&PS).

AIG Travel Standard

We establish clear, consistent requirements for business travel to help us allocate our resources.

AIG Travel Standard for Service Providers (PDF)

Supplier Privacy Notices

We value transparent communication and encourage everyone who works with us to regularly review our privacy notices.

Supplier Invoicing

AIG’s e-Procurement and Global Accounts Payable Department has a variety of tools available to automate ordering and payment processing. For more information.