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We want to talk to you!

At AIG Programs, we are always looking for new and successful programs that meet the evolving risk challenges of the market. If you have an existing program you would like to discuss, we want to talk to you.

What we are looking for:

  • Best-in-class Program Administrators with a proven profitable track record, minimum of five (5) years of experience
  • Unique distribution channel and value proposition
  • Ability to scale with minimum of $10M in managed program premium and upside growth potential
  • Homogeneous business that AIG is unable to access through existing AIG channels
  • Flexible program structure options including traditional risk transfer, fronting capabilities, risk sharing and higher deductibles to align client interests
  • Package focused, admitted or non-admitted single year policies in all 50 states

To discuss opportunities with AIG Programs, please contact:

Thomas McGrath

Senior Vice President, Head of US Programs, AIG Programs

Melissa Meserve

Vice President, Head of US Programs Business Development, AIG Programs