60 Second Cover Guides

In these 60 second videos, you can explore all of our cover modules that make up a CyberEdge policy and why businesses need them.


Cyber Extortion

Cyber extortionists seek to disrupt your computer system or threaten to release confidential information unless their demands are met. CyberEdge’s Extortion section covers expenses resulting from an extortion threat.

Event Management

After a cyber attack, businesses can require a range of services to get back on track. CyberEdge’s Event Management coverage pays for legal, IT and PR services as well as credit and ID monitoring, data restoration, and breach notification costs.

Network Interruption

Network Interruption Insurance covers loss of income and mitigation expenses when business operations are interrupted or suspended due to a cyber incident.

Network Interruption: OSPs

Outsourced service providers, or OSPs, provide a range of valuable services to organizations such as webhosting, payment processing, data collection, and storage. CyberEdge offers a variety of options to help protect against income lost when an OSP is unable to provide services due to a network security or system failure.

Network Interruption: System Failure

CyberEdge’s System Failure Enhancement extends Network Interruption coverage to include income losses and mitigation costs resulting from a system failure not arising from a cyber security breach.

Security & Privacy Liability

CyberEdge’s Security & Privacy Liability coverage can be broken down into two sections: coverage for third party claims arising from a failure of the insured’s network security or a failure to protect confidential information; and coverage for regulatory inquiries and actions in connection with a security failure or privacy breach – or the failure to properly disclose either.