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AIG’s Ambassadors talk about the AIG Women’s Open and allyship

Georgia Hall and Sophia Popov share their advice for future generations of professional golfers.

As the AIG Women’s Open unites the world’s best women golfers at historic Muirfield in Scotland, Georgia Hall and Sophia Popov reflect on their road to the pinnacles of professional golf.

At the heart of their journeys is allyship and all the people who have supported their growth along the way. And conversely, the young people these champion players have inspired.

Recently, AIG sat down with Georgia and Sophia to talk about their craft, their careers and what it means to play at the AIG Women’s Open. Here’s what they said:

Q: This year, the AIG Women’s Open is held at the legendary Muirfield. What does this location mean to you?


It’s a huge step forward for women’s golf. We’ve been blessed with opportunities to play at many major venues over the last few years, and Muirfield is at the top of the list for a lot of female golfers.


To have the AIG Women’s Open at Muirfield is just absolutely massive for the women’s game. I think it shows what strength we are in at the moment as well as being able to compete on the best golf course in the world.

Q: The women’s game is stronger and more competitive than ever. How do you prepare for tournaments, particularly for a major championship like the AIG Women’s Open?


When I get to the tournament, I try not to do too much. I just focus on my game and the course. I’d say the key to my mental and physical preparation for major championships is preparing my swing before I get there. Much of my work is done before I get to the tournament, and I make sure that I’m working out a nice amount.


The key to success at a major championship such as the AIG Women’s Open is to make sure to get a lot of rest before the tournament and a lot of rest the week of the game. For me, getting a good balance in between practice and taking time off during the day is the most important thing.

Q: Who has been your greatest mentor and how has their allyship helped strengthen your career?


My mentor throughout my whole career is my mom. I didn’t really have very many women golfers to look up to when I grew up in Germany. My mom taught me how to be disciplined and how to act on the golf course or whatever court or pool I was in at the time. Our allyship has just been amazing to this day. So, I think the most important thing is to find someone that you trust.


My father has long inspired my love for the game of golf. Growing up in England, he was my coach and one of my biggest allies. My father taught me to make the most of my opportunities, and he has supported me through every tournament, especially during the early days. He always believed in me.

Q: What advice would you give to young people pursuing competitive golf as more than just a hobby?


I think it’s important to focus on your short game and believe in yourself. There are times – as golf is such an individual sport and can be quite lonely – that things may not go your way, but always believe you can do anything you want to so long as you work hard enough.


As an AIG ambassador and an ambassador for women’s golf, my greatest advice for young girls and boys out there that are pursuing competitive golf is to have fun. Every time I’m out on the golf course, I remember what it was like when I started playing golf as a child. I was just enjoying the moment, hitting every shot to the best of my ability. When I think back on those times and do that, I play my best golf.

Q: You have thousands of AIG fans and allies proudly cheering you on around the globe. What has your partnership with AIG meant to you and your success on the golf course?


From the beginning, my partnership with AIG has meant a lot to me on and off the course. I was lucky enough to be a winner at the AIG Women’s Open and their allyship throughout the last few years of working together has been amazing.


AIG has really helped elevate the women’s game and has encouraged other companies to do so as well. So, I feel I have a special affinity with AIG and the leaders I have developed relationships with, including Peter Zaffino.

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