What is AIG Cyber Insurance?

  • Affirmative coverage options for financial and tangible losses resulting from a cyber event on a primary (CyberEdge® or CyberEdge Plus) or excess/difference-in-conditions (CyberEdge PC®) basis.
  • Coverage is available through a standalone policy or as part of select property or casualty policies from AIG. Download Cyber Cover Guide
  • Available limits up to $100M (varying by coverage) and no minimum retention.
  • Client’s threat profile, business impact and cybersecurity controls are evaluated as we underwrite the account to determine tailored terms and conditions offered.
  • Broad appetite across industries, entity types, revenue sizes and geographies.

The AIG Advantage


  • In-house, dedicated claims team handles nearly six cyber claims per business day and has paid over $400M in claims in the U.S. since 2007. 
  • Collaboration between claims and underwriting ensures coverage is continuously updated to address current and emerging exposures.

Cyber Maturity Analytics

  • Tailored analytics on threat profile, control effectiveness and peer benchmarking help clients better understand cyber maturity and coverage; basic reports available for applicants even if they do not bind coverage.
  • CyberMaticsSM helps clients continuously verify cyber risk posture, prioritize improvements and make better investment decisions in cybersecurity programs as cyber risks change.

Cyber Loss Prevention

  • Eligible policies include preventative services valued at up to $25,000, including employee eLearning, phishing simulations, domain protection, blacklist IP blocking, infrastructure vulnerability scanning and more.


Problem Solvers

Challenge: A mid-sized company was notified that its property insurance provider would no longer cover physical damage caused by a cyber event.

Solution: AIG met with the broker and client to discuss primary first-party property damage and property network interruption coverage via AIG’s CyberEdge Plus insurance policy, which the client ultimately purchased.

Benefit: The insured filled a key coverage gap, receiving greater certainty that it had insurance coverage for its physical cyber exposure.

Creative Solutions

Challenge: A large insured sought greater certainty about what would be covered and what would not if faced with a cyber event.

Solution: AIG’s affirmative cyber strategy helps clients to clearly understand and communicate with key stakeholders about how their AIG policies will respond to a cyber event.

Benefit: The insured has greater certainty of coverage to help it clearly and confidently communicate to its board how its AIG policies will respond. Additionally, AIG’s Cyber claims team can offer support if they experience, or just suspect they’ve experienced, a cyber event.

Claims Expertise

Challenge: A successful phishing attack left an insured’s computer network infected with ransomware. Several servers on the insured’s network were encrypted and the threat actor demanded $200,000 for a decryption key.

Solution: The insured reported the matter to AIG Claims, which coordinated the retention of law and forensics firms. The forensic firm determined that no files had been infected and was able to restore data from backup files. After consulting with authorities, the law firm determined that no formal notifications were necessary.

Benefit: The insured was supported by AIG’s cyber claims team and our relationships with specialized legal and forensic firms to help facilitate their response to the event and return to full operations. The insured did not pay the ransom and the legal and forensic work was covered by the CyberEdge policy.

Cyber Leadership

Tracie Grella

Global Cyber Practice Leader

Michelle Faylo

North America Head of Cyber 

Rob Jones

ExecutiveVice President of Financial Lines Claims

Phil Kibler

Head of Cyber Risk Advisory Services

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