Aerospace Workers’ Compensation (AWC)

What is AIG Aerospace Workers’ Compensation (AWC)?

  • Workers’ compensation coverage for various types of aviation-related exposures utilizing guaranteed cost, large deductible, and retrospective rating plans.

  • Can be paired with AIG’s innovative aerospace insurance products for seamless integration of aviation insurance solutions.

In-house Claims Data and Expertise

Pre-injury Consulting Services

Online Employee Health and Safety Video Courses

The AIG Advantage

Risk and Safety Expertise

  • Provides aerospace workers’ compensation loss control expertise from in-house consultants

  • Offers e-learning platforms containing workplace safety, accident investigation, and workers’ compensation risk management training content

  • Supplements clients’ own safety protocols with customized, cost-effective risk management and loss control solutions

Why is this important?

Provides unparalleled risk management support for aerospace clients and  their employees.

Pre-Injury Consulting Services

  • Collaborates with clients to develop proactive workers’ compensation cost containment strategies 

  • AIG’s pre-injury consultants help clients create a workplace that accommodates and encourages employees’ safe return to work 

  • Provides efficient and cost-effective medical management programs to support and educate clients and employees before, during, and after injur

Why is this important?

Enables proactive workers’ compensation claims cost management and return to work support for clients and their employees.

Superior Claims Service

  • Provides in-house claims experts who deploy fraudulent claims investigations, proven settlement strategies, and a network of panel attorneys to support optimal outcomes for clients 

  • Supports claims cost containment via ProductivityEdge®, AIG’s exclusive Nurse Triage and Outcome Based Network program 

  • Offers access to IntelliRisk® for detailed, real-time claim information and automated reporting, enabling in-depth analysis to manage risk more effectively

Why is this important?

Dedicated AIG aerospace workers’ compensation claims experts and services help manage clients’ total cost of risk.


Risk and Safety Expertise

Issue: An airport with a 24-hour on-the-ground workforce was struggling to build a process for after-hours emergency medical care.

Solution: AIG’s loss control consultants collaborated with the client’s onsite nurse and a local network hospital to establish customized protocols for easy access to the Emergency Department for after-hours and emergency care.

Benefit: The client’s injured employees receive timely, quality healthcare services at any hour.

Why is this important?

AIG helps ensure injured employees receive timely medical care.

Pre-Injury Consulting Services

Issue: An aerospace client learned that its injured employees were remaining on disability longer than average, resulting in higher claims costs.

Solution: AIG’s pre-injury consultants worked with the client to create a program that allowed employees to return to work sooner without sacrificing their well-being or  on-going medical care.

Benefit: With an improved return to work program in place,  the client reduced the average length of employee absence by 3.6 weeks.

Why is this important?

AIG’s pre-injury consultants help clients reduce employee downtime and total cost of claims.

Superior Claims Service

Issue: An aerospace company sought a carrier capable of providing access to its real-time workers’ compensation claims data.

Solution: AIG’s IntelliRisk® provided detailed, real-time claim information and automated reporting, allowing the client to monitor claims trends and address recurring events.

Benefit: The client was able to perform in-depth analysis to manage its risk more effectively via IntelliRisk.

Why is this important?

AIG’s technologies help clients analyze claims trends and better manage risks.

North America Leadership

Alison Armstrong

Head of Aerospace  Workers’ Compensation

Nina Corbo

Head of Commercial Accounts

Jack Devlin

Head of Field Claims,  Workers’ Compensation

Shirleen Laubenthal

Casualty Risk Consulting Leader

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The scenarios described herein are offered only as examples. Coverage depends on the actual facts of each case and the  terms, conditions and exclusions of each individual policy.  Anyone interested in the above product(s) should request a copy of the standard form of policy for a description of the scope and limitations of coverage.