Ransomware: a call for enhanced resiliency

Ransomware is a dynamically evolving risk, impacting organizations around the world with rapidly increasing loss frequency and severity.

Cyber Insurance

Data and analytics to understand your cyber risk. Proactive services to address vulnerabilities. Coverage when its needed.

AIG’s award-winning cyber solutions help insureds better understand and address cyber risk with comprehensive services, support, and coverages to help protect their bottom line.


AIG Cyber Coverages

AIG’s Cyber Insurance can be written through a standalone CyberEdge® policy or endorsed onto select Financial Lines, Property, and Casualty policies. See our cyber coverage guide for guidance on the best fit for your company.

Benefits of Cyber Insurance from AIG

Detailed Threat Scoring and Analytics

Insureds receive detailed scoring, analysis, and benchmarking reporting that will help them better understand their cyber maturity and coverages*. Basic reports are also available for applicants, even if they do not bind coverage.

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See a sample basic report

*Subject to submission of AIG’s Cyber Insurance Application.

Proactive Loss Prevention Tools and Services

Cyber insureds are armed with a broad range of tools and services – valued at up to $25,000 – included with eligible policies to help provide additional protection from ransomware, prevent employees from falling victim to phishing attacks and more.

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About AIG’s Cyber Risk Advisors

Global Claims Expertise

Our CyberEdge® Claims Hotline is available 24/7 for active policyholders at 1-800-CYBR-345 (1-800-292-7345).

Once a call is made to the hotline, the CyberEdge claims team will coordinate with the client to implement their response plan, engage any necessary vendors including breach counsel and forensics firms to identify immediate threats (such as a hacker inside a network), and start the restoration and recovery processes.

U.S. Incident Response Vendors

Leading the Cyber Market

In the nearly 20 years we’ve been writing cyber security insurance, we’ve learned a thing or two about what our clients want and how to help them prevent a cyber attack.

Personalized Application Process

Our dynamic and interactive application populates questions based on the applicant’s responses, industry, size, exposure, and coverage sought.

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Data and Analytics to Better Understand Cyber Risk

AIG’s cyber underwriting model leverages current threat intelligence, breach impact data, and insights gained from the thousands of cyber claims we have handled to provide insureds with detailed risk scoring and analytics to better understand and address their cyber risk.

See a sample detailed report

See a sample basic report

Technology-based Underwriting and Cyber Risk Improvement

CyberMatics®, our award-winning, patented technology-driven underwriting process, can help insureds verify their cyber risk posture, prioritize implementation of risk-reducing controls, and make better investment decisions in their overall cybersecurity program.

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