As cyberattacks rise, so do new ways of evaluating risk

Cybersecurity is more critical than ever.



Be an ally to foster a workplace culture of belonging

Chief Diversity Officer Ronald Reeves shares how AIG is creating a more diverse workplace.

10/08/2021 - LEADERSHIP

Behind AIG Thailand’s digital ecosystem

Thailand CEO Isorasak Thesratanavong is building a future that empowers business partners and ultimately benefits customers.

09/30/2021 - INNOVATION

AIG teams up with the Be a Coffee Bean Foundation

AIG’s Pro Bono Program’s work with The Foundation furthers the company’s commitment to giving back and making a difference in criminal and social justice reform.

10/05/2021 - LEADERSHIP

What it means to be a corporate citizen in 2021

Rose Marie Glazer draws on life lessons to help AIG be an ESG leader.

09/23/2021 - LEADERSHIP

News Releases


Bringing our expertise to the SME segment in EMEA

Insurance needs for small business owners can differ quite a lot around the world. From South Africa to Sweden or even Spain, watch AIG’s Lucas Scortecci discuss how we tailor solutions to meet the local market needs of our clients.

What it takes to underwrite complex risks

Watch Allison Barrett highlight the strategic thinking behind our risk solutions.

Social Media

Fabio Oliveria is named CEO of AIG Mexico

AIG is pleased to announce that Fabio Protasio Oliveira is the new Country Manager and CEO of AIG Mexico.


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Why real estate is not risk-free when it comes to the environment

Environmental risk is rarely top of the list for real estate investors but is something that should not be ignored.


Julia Ulrich Is a Voice for Change

Julia Ulrich smashes stigmas surrounding working moms and uses her position at AIG to advocate for women at both work and home.


Is Trade Working for All?

Experts explore ideas for a more equitable system.


Global Solutions for Local Issues – FIC and DIC/DIL Explained

Rajika Bhasin, Associate General Counsel, AIG Multinational, reflects on the nuances of the financial interest clause.