Western World

What is Western World?

Western World provides dedicated wholesale solutions to address the needs of the E&S Contract Bind market. Through access to our experienced team of underwriters as well as the support of our proprietary system, Western World provides solutions to address market needs.

AIG’s Contract Bind Platform

Market Leader for 50+ Years

Submission to Bind in 10 Minutes

The Western World Advantage

Seamless Systems

  • Provides access to Western World Integrated Platform (WWIP) – one of the industry’s first contract bind systems

  • Delivers ability to rate, quote, and bind in less than 10 minutes for a broad range of property and casualty risks with an average premium of ~$2,500

  • Continues to invest in systems to improve responsiveness and ease of use

Why is this important?

Western World’s WWIP system enables quick and seamless insurance solutions for SME clients.

Dedicated Expertise

  • Provides agents with dedicated Western World underwriters who are empowered to provide quick and responsive solutions for tougher-to-write contract bind risks

  • Supports policyholders with in-house claims team dedicated to contract bind classes of business

  • Evolves to the changing needs of the contract bind market with new products and innovations through experienced underwriters and multi-line expertise

Why is this important?

Underwriters have the technical expertise and authority to address risk in concert with one of the industry’s broadest appetites

Sustainable Market Partner

  • Continues to be one of the longest established carriers in the E&S Contract Bind market with 50+ years’ experience 

  • Writes insurance solutions for more than 750 ISO class codes

  • Integrates with AIG’s P&C market leadership and underwriting expertise

Why is this important?

A well-established market leader, Western World provides contract bind agents and their clients with reliable, consistent, and sustainable solutions across a broad appetite.

Why Western World?

Seamless Systems

Issue: An agent representing several small amusement centers required insurance coverage for clients in this specialized market niche.

Solution: We evolved our WWIP system to enable expanded agent authority and a more streamlined quoting process, delivering a program for this unique industry.

Benefit: Western World provided the agent with a tailored program customized to their clients’ needs.

Why is this important?

Western World professionals quickly customizes our WWIP system to solve market challenges.

Dedicated Expertise

Issue: Top Western World distribution partners sought a strong contract bind Garage market with best-in-class technology and underwriting expertise.

Solution: Working with our wholesalers, Western World invested in building a garage solution supported by expert Garage underwriters and with WWIP, built out a seamless and customized quote, bind, and issue platform.

Benefit: Western World provided the wholesale community with a new solution for the underserved Garage1 market.

Why is this important?

Western World evolves with the market to develop new products and solutions that address emerging needs.


¹Western World Garage is expected to launch in Q2 2022

North America Leadership

Tim Whisler

Head of Western World

Dan Bergman

Head of Garage

Ray Hall

National Director

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