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AIG Warranty is a premier provider of warranty services to the world’s largest and most respected brands. AIG creates innovative solutions aligned with our clients’ brand and mission to create loyalty with their customers.

Comprehensive extended warranty, device protection insurance, home warranty and related services for: retailers; original equipment manufacturers (OEM); wireless phone carriers; heating, ventilation, air conditioning (“HVAC”) dealers and distributors; multinational clients that need global capabilities; credit card issuers, affinity providers, utilities and financial institutions; commercial clients and home owners.

The most extensive and comprehensive network of service providers to provide in-home, depot or advanced-exchange product repair or replacement service for: major appliances, HVAC, consumer electronics, mobile phones and devices, computers, whole home, jewelry, furniture and more. 

AIG can help to significantly grow clients’ business through price optimization, training, new and improved distribution channels and new product offerings.

Convenient and low-cost integration through a unified platform and single integration point with best-in-class vendors and system flexibility.

Multinational Capabilities
Skilled in service contract and insurance underwriting, marketing, risk management, customer service, service fulfillment and reporting on a global scale.

Leverages operations in 120+ countries for multinational warranty solutions with dedicated account management and operational teams focused on growth and quality for multinational programs.

Unmatched Customer Service 
State-of-the-art systems for automated claims handling via call center, online or mobile applications to deliver a personalized and seamless customer experience.

Experienced claims team of 40+ specialists handles 1.4 million U.S. claims annually while consistently achieving industry best customer service metrics.

Best-in-Class Service Network
Low cost, high quality 50-state service network with open claims management that covers 99% of the U.S. population.

Cloud-based CRM solution and service management platform gives clients and their customers an exceptional claims and servicing experience that is unmatched in the industry.


Issue: A retailer’s home warranty program was faltering because of its inability to service its customers with high quality and timely in-home service. 





Issue: A multinational manufacturer had 20 separate extended warranty programs in 20 countries with different providers that were adversely affecting their brand image because of inconsistent service and cumbersome management.


Issue: A national retailer was looking for innovative ways to grow their traditional warranty business due to stagnant sales.





 The retailer outsourced its home warranty program to AIG which implemented its best-in-class CRM platform and expansive service network to service the new client effectively.




 AIG implemented its “Global Unity” platform that provided one unified program, including account management, underwriting, billing and collections and reporting globally.




 AIG introduced a new service branding, new products and added monthly programs that aligned with the retailer’s mission. This included strategic placement of online offerings, store associate. training, price optimization and a dedicated support line for store personnel.

 Since outsourcing their business to AIG, retailer has dramatically increased customer service levels, reduced service costs and has grown their business in excess of 5% annually. 



 Since inception, AIG’s global platform has helped the manufacturer’s program grow five times larger with superior customer service due to streamlined global account management and expertise.

 This innovative new branding and new products led to a 237% growth in U.S. sales for the client over a 3-year period.





Frank O’Neill

Global Head of

Warranty & Service Programs

Jody Brauns 

Sr. Vice President of

North America,

Warranty & Service Programs

James Mostofi 

Global Head of

Business Development,

Warranty & Service Programs