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Designed for clients with domestic and/or international business travel.


May cover individuals for entire trip duration and includes emergency assistance services to assist in the event of medical, security, or travel related incidents.


Out of Country Medical, Medical Repatriation and Security/Natural Disaster Evacuation coverage can help organizations satisfy duty of care requirements.


Customized multinational BTA insurance plans are available as a valuable add-on, designed to meet the client’s unique preferences.


Where available, coverage can be extended beyond a business trip to cover personal deviations and even 24/7 (business and pleasure) coverage, including spouses and dependent children accompanying an insured on a covered trip, as well as guests, consultants, and non-employees.


Carve out Accidental Death & Dismemberment

Robust benefit filings provide valuable employee benefits above and beyond Life/AD&D packages.


Simplified administration and ability to include travel assistance services and benefits covering employees and their dependents 24/7.


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AIG Travel
AIG wholly owns AIG Travel, a provider of travel assistance services worldwide, and since travel assistance is embedded with the BTA program, clients have access to end-to-end comprehensive coverage and travel assistance services. 


In the event of a medical emergency or unexpected travel problem, traveling employees have 24/7 access to our global state-of-the-art service centers.



AIG Companies are among a select group of carriers with the ability to structure a BTA Controlled Master Program that includes local policies in countries where required by regulation, and where many clients have exposure. AIG Companies utilize their global coverage network in 215+ countries and jurisdictions to deliver multinational capabilities.



Clients are provided access to a dedicated AIG Travel assistance website and mobile app to ensure effective travel risk management. Whether it’s prior to travel, during the trip, or after the return home, travelers have convenient access to in-depth travel, security and health information. In addition, clients have the ability to enhance their program through Travel Guard® Travel Tracer Powered by NC4 Risk Center, an online solution for active traveler management.



Challenge: A client sought to align its  

multi-country coverage with a single point of contact for claims. 



Challenge: The client was looking for multiple lines of business coverage during a challenging renewal. 

Solution: AIG worked with the client over three years to build upon the foreign casualty relationship and added a controlled master Business Travel Accident program. 

Solution: AIG worked across the organization to provide the client with the desired coverage, along with standalone Business Travel Accident insurance. 

Benefit: The client was able to have a single point of contact for claims and  benefitted from AIG Companies’  enhanced claims management system. 


Benefit: By communicating strategy and renewal changes early on, AIG Companies further solidified this broker and client relationship and found a solution that met the  client’s needs.  



A frequent business traveler lost some items during air travel.  

The client contacted AIG to file a claim and was pleased with the handling of the matter,  describing the entire process as “flawless.” 

Drew Bambrick

Head of Corporate Markets

U.S. Personal Accident

Cristiane Chiacchio

Americas Head of

Personal Accident