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Make a Payment

Before you connect to our payment site, please refer to the information below. You will need your billing statement as well as your checkbook or credit card handy.

Due to system enhancements, you may need to re-enter payment information that you provided previously. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Ready to make a payment?

Payment Instructions

To get started, have your billing statement and credit card or checkbook handy. Please note:

  • Online and telephone payments are available for continental US billing addresses only.
  • Your user IDs for web and phone payments are shown on your billing statement in the "Ways to Pay" section. This also is where you can find your temporary password, which is required the first time you make a payment online.
  • We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express.
  • If you are signing up for recurring payments or already enrolled, do not also make a single payment or the payment will be made twice.
  • A hold will be placed on your credit card for the payment amount by the issuing financial institution; funds may be held for 3 – 5 business days.
  • To ensure payment is received before the due date, please allow 3 – 5 business days for processing.
  • Payments made after 8:00 pm (ET) will begin processing the next business day.
  • Payments may be scheduled up to 15 days in advance of the due date on your billing statement.
  • If your invoice includes Past Due amounts, those amounts are due immediately.
  • If you received a cancellation notice: The payment due date is the one listed on the printed notice—not the due date shown on the payment website.
  • Payment on canceled policies does not guarantee coverage will be reinstated.
  • To make a payment on a policy pending cancellation, please contact a billing associate at (888) 978-5371.

Payment Methods


If you’d like to make a payment online, please click the "Make A Payment" button in the blue area above.


(For clients with continental US billing addresses only)

Call toll free: 888.978.5371.

Follow the prompts to complete your payment. If you make a payment by debiting your bank account/credit card, you are authorizing AIG Private Client Group to execute that transaction on your behalf.


Please make checks payable to "AIG Private Client Group." Include your payment stub with your check, and mail using the remittance envelope that came with your bill. If you don’t have your remittance envelope, find mailing instructions below:

Regular Mail:
For policyholders in the Eastern and Central U.S.
AIG Private Client Group
PO Box 35423
Newark, NJ 07193-5423

For policyholders in the Western U.S.
AIG Private Client Group
PO Box 601148
Pasadena, CA 91189-1148

Overnight Delivery:
For policyholders in the Eastern and Central U.S.
JPMorgan Chase Lockbox: 35423
Attn: New York Image Lockbox Processing
4 Chase Metro Tech Center, 7th Floor East
Brooklyn, NY 11245
(888) 978-5371

For policyholders in the Western U.S.
JPMorgan Chase Lockbox: 601148
Attn: Lockbox Department
2710 Media Center Drive
Building 6, Suite 120
Los Angeles, CA 90065
(888) 978-5371

AIG Premier Client Solutions is a division of the member companies of American International Group, Inc. (AIG)