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Workers' Compensation Report a Claim Form

WorldRisk International Claims

Highlighted(*) items represent required fields. Please enter 'N/A' if any piece of information is not available and/or local Privacy Laws prohibit disclosure. 

Important Notice:
 This form does not eliminate the contractual requirement under our policy to forward every demand, notice, and/or summons received by the insured or their representative to the insurer. Nor does it eliminate the insured's obligation to comply with any filings required by any state or government agencies.

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Official Government & State reporting forms need to be completed & filed as required under the law. Copies should be forwarded to the appropriate claim office. Please click here for all official U.S. Department of Labor Reporting Forms - For Longshore & Defense Base Act only. (This link will open a new window so your form remains intact). You will still need to click the "Submit Loss" button to process this claim form.