Warranty and Service Programs

What is Warranty & Service Programs?

A long-term strategic partner to some of the world’s largest and most respected brands, AIG creates innovative warranty solutions that align with our clients’ brands while creating strong customer loyalty. 

AIG provides comprehensive extended warranty, device protection insurance, and related services for OEM, retailers, home warranty, and HVAC dealers and distributors. Through its knowledge and expertise in serving clients, AIG has created an unparalleled suite of warranty products and services.

We support clients with state-of-the art claim management and customer service systems, and the most extensive and comprehensive network of service providers for in-home, depot, or advanced-exchange product repair or replacement services. Convenient and low-cost integration is achieved through a unified platform and single integration point with best-in-class vendors and system flexibility.

With its global reach and understanding of local regulatory requirements, AIG serves multinational clients that need global capabilities — credit card issuers, affinity providers, utilities, financial institutions, commercial clients, and homeowners. And with price optimization, training, new and improved distribution channels, and new product offerings, AIG helps clients significantly grow their business.

Best-in-Class 50-State Service Network

Multinational Warranty Solutions in 120+ Countries

Warranty Program Pioneers

The AIG Advantage

Superior Service & Technology

  • Delivers unparalleled service via cloud-based technology to schedule and dispatch reputable service technicians from the first call

  • Provides best-in-class nationwide service network with open claims management covering 99% of the U.S. population or in support of self-administered programs 

  • Employs state-of-the-art systems to automate claims via call center, online, or mobile app with claims specialists handling 1.5 million annual claims

Why is this important?

AIG Warranty provides unparalleled customer service and efficient claims handling.

Multinational Expertise

  • Provides clients with skilled service contract and insurance underwriting, risk management, customer service, service fulfillment, marketing, and reporting on a global scale

  • Dedicates account management and operational teams focused on growth and quality for clients’ multinational programs 

  • Supports multinational warranty solutions with operations in 120+ countries

Why is this important?

Clients’ multinational growth is enabled by AIG Warranty’s solutions and services that respond worldwide.

Strategic Partnerships

  • Collaborates with clients to build new warranty programs and takes over existing ones to support brands and build customer loyalty

  • Provides clients with innovative warranty solutions, strategic counsel, and program structures to align with clients’ financial objectives supported by dedicated actuarial, underwriting, and reinsurance experts

  • Delivers sustainable warranty solutions supporting clients’ long term objectives with some programs in place for 15+ years

Why is this important?

AIG’s 30+ years of knowledge and insights help clients build worldwide customer relationships and loyalty.


Superior Service & Technology

Issue: A retailer’s home warranty program was faltering because of its inability to service customers with high quality and timely in-home service.

Solution: The retailer outsourced its home warranty program to AIG, which implemented its best-in-class CRM platform and expansive service network to support the new client effectively.

Benefit: Since outsourcing their business to AIG, the retailer has dramatically increased customer service levels, reduced service costs, and grown their business more than 5% annually.

Why is this important?

AIG’s network, technology, and services enabled improved customer service and business growth.

Multinational Expertise

Issue: A manufacturer had separate extended warranty programs in 20 countries with different providers. This adversely affected brand image due to inconsistent service and cumbersome management.

Solution: AIG implemented its global warranty platform, consolidating the manufacturer’s warranty programs into one unified program, which included account management, underwriting, billing, collections and global reporting.

Benefit: Since inception, AIG’s global platform has helped the manufacturer’s program grow 5x larger with superior customer service due to streamlined global account management and expertise.

Why is this important?

AIG Warranty enables clients’ global growth through streamlined, improved customer service management.

Strategic Partnerships

Issue: A national retailer was looking for innovative ways to grow their traditional warranty business due to stagnant sales.

Solution: AIG introduced new service branding, products, and monthly programs aligned with the retailer’s mission. This included strategic placement of online offerings, store associate training, price optimization,    and a dedicated support line for store personnel.

Benefit: This innovative approach led to a 237% growth in U.S. sales for the client over a 3-year period.

Why is this important?

AIG provides fresh thinking and approaches that help enable clients grow their business.

North America Leadership

Jody Brauns

General Manager, U.S. Warranty

Christopher Costin

Senior Director, Global Business Development

Chrisie Dorton

Vice President, National Accounts

Troy Otte

Global Head of Business Development

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