Accident and Health: Specialty Markets

What is Participant Accident and Group Travel?

  • Providing coverage for members of organizations participating in policyholder sponsored and supervised activities or traveling abroad.
  • 24/7 Travel Assistance, including: medical assistance, security assistance, worldwide information, concierge services, and identity theft assistance (where available). 
  • Accident insurance can complement an organization’s general liability policy by filling in gaps that may exist, and/or by offering broader limits.
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The AIG Advantage


  • Offers customized Accident and Health coverage solutions to help address the inherent risk of injuries that may come about during various activities.
  • With over 50 years of experience in Accident and Health, AIG are able to underwrite traditional and non-traditional accounts.


  • Dedicated customer service and claims staff experienced in handling both simple and complex claims.
  • Exceptional level of specialty expertise with innovative products.

AIG Travel

  • AIG wholly owns AIG Travel, a provider of travel assistance services worldwide. Because travel assistance services can be embedded with the Specialty accident insurance programs offered, clients have access to end-to-end coverage. In the event of a medical emergency or unexpected travel problem, they are never more than a phone call away from our global state-of-the-art service centers operating 24/7.


Problem Solvers

Challenge: Two new Education market clients were looking for intercollegiate sports accident coverage. 

Solution: AIG provided coverage with tailored solutions, priced appropriately. 

Benefit: AIG provided the client with the needed coverage and expanded its portfolio in a key specialty area.

Creative Solutions

Challenge: Three colleges and universities sought intercollegiate sports accident coverage.

Solution: AIG worked side by side with a long-time Education market partner to provide intercollegiate sports accident coverage to all three college and universities.

Benefit: The Education market partner was satisfied with AIG’s handling of this win and is looking forward to continue to grow this partnership.

Claims Expertise

A high school football player suffered a catastrophic injury during a school-sponsored event, resulting in paraplegia. The policy that had been issued to the school contained a 5 year benefit period, which will help this player's family by covering some of the out of pocket costs not covered under their primary health plan. The family appreciates the high-level service received from the claims adjuster and the payment of some of these out of pocket costs.

National Leadership

Nicole Pitney

Head of Specialty, US Accident & Health

Shawn Austin

Head of North America, Accident & Health

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