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1,900+ Dedicated North America Claims Professionals

$9.8b in North America Claims Paid in 2021

Operating in 45+ Countries/Jurisdictions with 150+ Claims Offices

The AIG Advantage

Claims Relationship Focus

  • Embeds claims engagement teams throughout the account lifecycle who partner with clients and brokers to support AIG underwriting and lead the overall claims process in response to client needs

  • Proactively approaches each claim as a significant client event requiring timely communication and collaboration leading to effective resolutions aligned with the client’s financial, reputational, and business continuity priorities

  • Utilizes AIG’s IntelliRisk® RMIS system to help our clients manage their total cost of risk through data-driven analytics that deliver risk management insights and strategies

Why is this important?

AIG invests in dedicated claims engagement experts, focused on supporting clients and their complex claims.

Claims Specialization

  • Provides tenured team of 1,900+ dedicated claims professionals in North America with specialized expertise by lines of business and specific products

  • Assigns claims across all lines of business by degree of complexity ensuring the right expert is assigned to the right claim at the right time

  • Seamlessly partners with third-party experts, including elite defense firms at pre-negotiated rates

Why is this important?

No matter the type of claim or complexity, our experts resolve claims as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Unparalleled Global Reach

  • Coordinates across underwriting, clients, brokers and claims to create global claims handling instructions and requirements ensuring alignment and accountability

  • Mobilizes North America and Multinational claims experts who collaborate with clients and brokers to provide consistent claims handling around the globe

  • Issues claim payments in local currencies and via foreign bank transfers around the world

Why is this important?

AIG’s claims platform supports clients around the world.

Why AIG Claims Specialists

Cindy Koehler

North America Chief Claims Officer

Peter Macdonald

Head of North America Casualty and Workers’ Compensation Claims

Dean Owens

Head of Claims, NA GI Property

Alexandra Furth

Head of Claims, Lexington Insurance

Becky Cameron

Head of Claims, Canada

Brian Brown

Head of Claims Account Relationship Management

Eileen Duffy

Global Head of Personal Insurance Claim

Andy Chiu

Head of Staff Counsel  & Coverage Counsel

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