Environmental Insurance

We offer industry-specialized coverage to help safeguard your company against environmental exposures.

Protect your company with industry-specialized environmental insurance coverage from AIG. Manufacturers, distributors, fixed facility owners, and related organizations can secure versatile pollution insurance programs that focus on helping to mitigate risk in continuously changing environmental landscapes. Our dedicated pollution claims unit is the largest in the industry.  Visit our Environmental Insurance page for more information.

The ranges are based on the commissions paid for all Environmental Insurance Policies to insurance brokers and independent insurance agents placing property and casualty insurance business with AIG Commercial and Personal Insurance offices situated and issuing insurance policies in the United States. Commissions paid on any particular policy of insurance are based on a variety of factors and there may be dollar amounts or percentage commissions paid that fall outside of the ranges referenced below.

Your insurance broker or independent insurance agent can provide additional information about specific compensation they may receive in connection with the issuance of your policy.

2021 Commission Ranges

Low Mid High
7.50% 23.00%


Additionally, 90% of commissions paid on products within this line of business fall within the following range.

 90% Low  
90% Mid 90% High
10.00% 23.00%


The commission percentages shown represent business written during the year ending December 31, 2021, and are updated annually. The ranges shown may not reflect historic commission rates for all in force policies and do not include policies issued after December 31, 2021. Transactions with no commission have been eliminated from the data used to prepare these ranges because insurance producers may have received compensation directly from the insured.