Warranty & Insurance

For more than 30 years, financial institutions and leading retailers and manufacturers of consumer products have turned to AIG for risk management and underwriting solutions.

Our innovative and flexible solutions can reallocate your risk for claims – and our Lifestyle Protection Insurance can provide value-added benefits to your customers.

The Benefits of Warranty and Insurance

Experienced Underwriting

Get the benefit of AIG’s extensive experience identifying, measuring, analyzing, and understanding existing and emerging risk. Plus, you’ll benefit from innovative solutions for process improvements, claims adherence, transparent claims analytics and reporting, as well as transfer deal risk to insurance markets.

Lifestyle Protection Insurance

Generate a new revenue stream and provide unique benefits through loyalty programs at no additional cost to your customers, with this program that offers value through added insurance protection.


Product Details

Warranty Underwriting and Risk

  • Transfers risk to insurer/AIG
  • Competitive pricing and terms
  • Extensive Regulatory and Compliance expertise
  • Structured claims process and cost control
  • Tailored coverage solutions

Lifestyle Protection Insurance

  • Recovery of costs associated with ID Theft
  • Reimbursement of money stolen following assault at any ATM
  • Reimbursement of damage on rental car
  • Repair or replacement of gadgets following accidental damage or theft
  • Handbag/wallet contents reimbursement if stolen
  • Theft, damage, and liability risks associated with playing golf
  • Coverage for accidental damage to glasses and hearing aids