AIG Programs Loss Control Services

Our seasoned loss control staff average over 20 years’ experience and specialize in serving diverse niche markets.  With a keen focus on protecting assets of both our insured clients and AIG, scalable service is provided on a timely basis that makes a difference to our clients, underwriting teams and programs administrators. 

The AIG Programs’ Loss Control team works independent industry experts to deliver a suite of services that deliver a positive and lasting experience for our insureds and their bottom line.

AIG Program’s loss control service adapts to each unique program with a three pronged approach:



We conduct phone or in-person surveys of industry trends and best practices to help you identify and reduce the risks for your program and increase its profitability.

Self-Service Solutions

We offer an array of on-demand solutions to help your program reduce risks and control losses. We offer our clients:

  • News bulletins on emerging risks and best practices for loss control
  • A media center of on-demand webcasts
  • Online access to safety training
  • Discounted service on criminal background checks
  • Dedicated customer service and support
    ...and more.

Click here to access the AIG Programs Self-Service Loss Control Solutions pdf.

Click here to access the AIG Programs Abuse Risk Management Solutions pdf.

Full Service Solutions

Our professional staff and independent industry specialists apply proven best practices to help you improve your program’s performance.

Our team will:

  • Evaluate your program’s current risk management and safety policies and procedures
  • Analyze your prior losses
  • Present actionable findings in a detailed report
  • Offer customized solutions and tools to help you improve your bottom line

Click here to access the AIG Programs Full Service Loss Control Solutions pdf.

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