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Your reputation matters.

Damage can directly affect your bottom line. ReputationGuard from AIG can help you react quickly and efficiently and can provide optional income loss protection.

Professional Liability

Insurance designed to meet the unique exposures of professional service providers.

Today’s litigious environment makes it essential for service providers to protect themselves from allegations of negligent acts, errors, and omissions. Even if a lawsuit is without merit, defense and impact on reputation can be costly.

AIG’s professional liability insurance helps protect your company’s financial well-being.

AIG offers a wide range of errors and omissions (aka professional indemnity) liability coverages to meet the needs of companies providing, among other things:

  • Professional services or advice
  • Technology solutions
  • Media development or distribution
  • Published works or broadcasting
  • Educational services, including schools or public entities

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Professional Liability Products

Specialty Professional Liability Insurance (E&O)

Helps protect professional service providers against claims alleging negligence in professional services rendered to others. Coverage is customized for a particular company’s professional service(s).

Good for: Companies seeking to protect themselves against claims for economic losses sustained by third parties as a result of alleged negligence.

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Technology Services Coverage

Helps protect technology service providers against claims alleging errors or omissions in their performance of technology services.

Good for: Companies seeking to protect themselves against claims for economic losses sustained by third parties as a result of alleged negligence in their performance of technology services.

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Robotics Services Coverage

Errors & Omissions coverage designed to address the unique exposures faced by robotics developers; also provides specialized robotics risk management services.

Good for: Companies developing industrial, manipulator, service, telepresence and other types of robots and seeking protection from claims involving financial loss.

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Media Content Coverage   

Offers protection for numerous perils including trademark infringement, copyright infringement, defamation, false light, false imprisonment, product disparagement, and infliction of emotional distress.

Good for: Companies seeking protection against liability faced from developing or distributing media content.

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Publishers and Broadcasters Coverage

Publishers and Broadcasters Insurance offers comprehensive coverage for the media exposures of publishing and broadcasting companies, from risks related to news reports to podcasts to content fed via wireless devices.

Good for: Publishers and broadcasters seeking protection against wide-ranging liabilities.

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ReputationGuard is designed to protect a company’s reputation and brand value by assisting policyholders with managing reputation threats and optional coverage for income loss as a result of reputational damage.

Good for: Companies seeking access to world-class communications experts and coverage for crisis communication costs to manage a reputation threat, whether adverse publicity is anticipated or has transpired, and financial protection against income loss as a result of reputation damage.

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Manufacturers E&O

Provides liability coverage for financial loss due to negligent design or manufacturing of products which (1) cause the property of others to become impaired or (2) prevents the manufacturer from fulfilling its contractual obligations.

Good for: Developers of component parts and parts which are designed or manufactured to be incorporated into the products of others. Examples: gears, sensors, filters, gaskets, flanges, fasteners, wiring, piping, containers, turbines, generators and batteries.

Leaders Risk

Helps protect school entities or public entities against a range of potential litigation arising from the services they provide, their management decisions, and their employment practices.

Good for: Schools or public entities seeking coverage designed specifically to protect the school or public entity, its employees, and its leaders or directors and officers from wrongful acts committed during the course of their duties.

Employed Lawyers Professional Liability

Corporate Counsel Premier® responds to the spectrum of claims employed lawyers can face from shareholders, employees, regulators, clients, or other third parties.

Good for: Companies seeking to protect the personal assets of corporate counsel, as well as the employer’s balance sheet, against claims alleging professional malpractice.

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The Specialty Risk Protector policy form makes it easy to attain best-in-class coverage for a wide range of E&O exposures as well as cyber liability coverage, through one policy and a single application process.

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Related Products

Architects and Engineers (A&E)

Covers project-specific professional liability and engineering risk management services; available from Lexington Insurance Company. 

Good for: Architects, engineers, and project managers seeking financial protection against the wide range of design and engineering risks.

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Healthcare Professional Liability  

A wide variety of coverages available for healthcare risks in the hospital and miscellaneous facilities segments; available from Lexington Insurance Company. 

Good for: Facility size range from small rural hospitals to large multi-location systems. Small and middle market miscellaneous healthcare facilities. 

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