Fronting and Captive Services

AIG has over 50 years of experience providing a full range of market-leading fronting and captive solutions that leverage our ability to provide locally admitted insurance in over 200 countries and jurisdictions through a robust network of AIG affiliate and partner operations.


Fronting Programs

Fronting from AIG can provide companies with flexible, cost-efficient insurance programs that comply with the requirements of local regulators as well as other counterparties. By retaining risk via an AIG-fronted insurance program, clients benefit from full access to the resources of the AIG organization, including multinational policy issuance capabilities, significant risk-bearing and risk financing capacity, and expertise controlling multi-currency cash flows.

Available Programs

Captives & Rent-a-Captives

We’ll work with you to create a fronting program that enables you to retain risk via your captive insurance or reinsurance company.

If you don’t have a captive of your own, your business can experience many of the benefits of a captive by “renting” a segregated cell within one of AIG’s sponsored cell facilities domiciled in Vermont and Bermuda.


Indemnity Programs

Retain ultimate financial risk by agreeing to indemnify AIG for all losses and other amounts paid in respect to a specified insurance layer.

Captive Management

Whether you’re looking to form a new captive, rent one, or optimize an existing captive program, our captive management experts will provide in-depth professional knowledge and guidance.

Global Portfolio

AIG offers a wide range of programs, from single parent and group captives, to segregated cell rent-a-captive structures. Clients without a captive can experience many of its benefits through participation in AIG’s own captive cell facilities.

Complete Captive Services

We provide a full range of services regarding the feasibility, structuring, formation, and management of captives with an in-depth understanding of each domicile’s regulatory requirements and local business practices.

Global Reach

AIG’s global capabilities allow us to set up and manage your captive in most of the world’s major domiciles and jurisdictions. Our worldwide professionals provide in-depth local knowledge and practical experience to optimize the use of your captive.

AIG Multinational

If you conduct business across borders — even in just two countries — count on AIG’s experienced Multinational professionals for customized and seamless multinational insurance solutions.