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Award-winning, patented technology process providing timely cybersecurity insights and tailored analytics.

We can help make sure an organization’s cybersecurity risk prevention strategy stays current…and the organization gets rewarded for it.

CyberMatics is a technology-driven process that can help an organization verify its cyber risk posture, prioritize which controls need to change, and better invest in its overall cybersecurity program, which includes the purchase of cyber insurance from an AIG affiliate.

CyberMatics can help your organization improve its cyber risk

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Benefits for Risk Managers and CISOs

Clients receive their organization’s cyber risk scores, recommended actions for improvement, and modeling of recommended actions versus their expected result and cost.

CISOs can use this information to prioritize the top contributors to higher risk. The forecasting capability can also help evaluate the impact of potential risk mitigation solutions on a client’s risk score before implementation in order to better determine which solution could provide the greatest return on investment.

Risk managers may benefit from more tailored policy terms and conditions through continuous assessment of verified underwriting information.

How it Works

AIG cyber insureds engage with one of our leading security partners to provide the data from their organization to our cyber underwriting model. To help ensure privacy, the engaged partner translates the client’s data before providing AIG with answers to the specific questions in our cyber application. We do not receive any raw data from the client. 

Current partners include CrowdStrike, Darktrace, TechGuard Security, Tenable and Threatblockr with other partners to be added soon.

AIG then uses that data to regularly update the client’s cyber maturity profile to provide risk scores, benchmarking, recommendations for improvement and more. Clients can view this and other information on the CyberMatics dashboard in AIG’s Cyber Portal.

Approved Security Vendor Partners

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