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In 1919, Cornelius Vander Starr stepped off a steamship in Shanghai determined to make his mark in the world. Working from a two-room office, he established American Asiatic Underwriters, an insurance agency to which we trace our roots. Starr believed in making the world a better place and with other early company pioneers, his organization grew across the world.

Today, AIG is a global insurance company with operations in more than 70 countries and jurisdictions. We provide a range of insurance products to support our clients in business and in life, including: general property/casualty, life insurance, and retirement and financial services through our General Insurance, Life and Retirement and Investments business units. What unites us across all of these products is our commitment to helping our clients prepare for what’s next. Whether that’s helping cities and communities to prepare for and recover from natural disasters or providing a financially secure retirement for millions of Americans, we have the specialist expertise to help clients better manage risk.

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The Spirit of Us

We are pleased to present The Spirit of Us a series of short vignettes that highlight important aspects of our history from Cornelius Vander Starr's arrival in Shanghai in 1919 to today.

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