Retail Property

Retail Property provides market-leading risk transfer (insurance) and non-risk transfer (fronting/captive) solutions for domestic and global middle market and risk management insureds. We have clear and consistent risk appetites established worldwide. At AIG, our Retail Property group is committed to delivering differentiated value to our brokers and insureds by providing open communication, coverage flexibility, claims and risk engineering excellence and multinational services. 

Division Overview

  • Admitted (American Home) and non-admitted (AIG Specialty) property insurance solutions for clients working with retail brokers.
  • Up to $1B may be deployed on a shared, layered or 100% basis in primary/excess positions on the right accounts.
  • Significant global wind, flood and earthquake capacity also available.
  • Deployment of capacity, size and positioning depends on risk quality, COPE/data quality, occupancy hazards, client commitment to risk management principles and loss experience.

The AIG Advantage

Coverage Flexibility

  • All risk property damage and business interruption coverage (typically including boiler and machinery).
  • Cyber, terrorism and political violence coverages are available.

Claims Promise

  • 50% advance of an agreed loss estimate for property damage, clean-up costs and extra expense within 7 days of a covered event.
  • Team of dedicated property claims adjusters with 20+ years average experience handling claims. 


  • World-class multinational expertise, solutions and service.
  • Service delivery in a globally consistent and seamless fashion through one of the largest global networks in the industry, spanning 215+ countries and jurisdictions.

Risk Engineering

  • Services to help identify and improve property-related risks:
    • Specialized teams for complex site surveys.
    • Fire protection systems and construction plan review.
    • Customized security risk consultations and assistance with SAFETY Act applications.

Risk Appetite by Hazard Grade

Low Hazard Appetite

All Placements:

  • Airports
  • Data Processing Centers
  • Financial Institutions
  • Healthcare
  • Higher Education
  • Law Offices
  • Real Estate
  • Retail

Moderate Hazard Appetite

  • Primary, Q/S & Excess
  • Breweries/Wineries
  • Light Electrical Workers
  • Light Metal Workers
  • Linen Suppliers
  • Medical Equipment
  • Paper Printing
  • Refrigeration/Heating
  • Telephone Comms

High Hazard Appetite

  • Limited Line Coverage
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Distilled Liquors
  • General Warehousing
  • Meat Processing
  • Motor Homes
  • Plastics
  • Primary Metals
  • Textiles

Appetite Outside of Retail Property

  • Habitational (Lexington)
  • Mining (Energy)
  • National Rail (Inland Marine)
  • Open Lots (Inland Marine)
  • Petrochemical (Energy)
  • Power (Energy)
  • Primary Glass Ops

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