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Annual Reports & Proxy Statements

Find our most recent annual report, as well as a sortable archive of past reports, Form 10-K filings, and proxy statements.

Current Annual Report

A Year of Focus

Join us as we are committed to reaching our strategic goals over the next two years. Our commitment to shareholders can only be realized if we generate real value for our clients by focusing on being our client’s most valued insurer.

Annual Reports, 10-K Filings & Proxy Statements

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The information contained in the materials that may be accessed on this portion of the AIG public website is current only as of the date of the presentation, or as of the date or dates indicated therein. AIG assumes no duty to update any information contained in any such presentation. AIG has executed significant asset dispositions in recent years and, in 2011, completed a series of integrated transactions to recapitalize AIG. Please refer to AIG’s most current filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission.