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Insurance for Individuals & Families

If you're starting a family, buying a home,  planning a trip, or protecting your portfolio of properties, our coverage and products can help give you a stronger future.

Whether you want to protect your family, employees, assets, or all of the above, we can provide protection that fits.

Join the thousands who partner with us to help protect their families’ financial futures.

We offer insurance plans to cover travelers worldwide. Your plan can include coverage for valuables, trip cancellations, medical expenses, emergency travel services, and more.

We can help you prepare for and manage the expenses you'll need to repair expensive items in your home. Your plan can cover repairs or replacement for major appliances, water heaters, and primary heating and cooling systems.

We provide complete protection for successful individuals and families--and all that you hold dear. We provide tailored coverage, as well as world-class services to reduce risk and maximize your safety.

When you’ve outgrown your current coverage, but do not yet require the customized policies of our Private Client Group, we provide solutions to match your goals. Our coverage is available in NY, NJ, IL and AZ.

We offer you a wide range of benefits, including employer-funded solutions and voluntary offerings for employees.