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Environmental and General Liability Exposures (EAGLE) Program®

The EAGLE Program combines general liability and pollution legal liability coverage for facilities, products, contracting operations and transportation in a single, cost-effective policy, tailored to your needs.

One policy, broad protection.

Benefits of EAGLE

Coverage is flexible to meet the wide-ranging and specialized needs of manufacturers, distributors and processing operations.).

EAGLE provides core general liability and environmental insurance coverage in a single program. Can be an ideal insurance solution for a broad spectrum of wholesale distributors, processors and manufacturers.

EAGLE is designed to be customizable to individual clients coverage requirements and risk appetite.

Access powerful risk and loss management programs and resources, including PIER (Pollution Incident and Environmental Response)® Program.

In the event of a claim, our experienced claims staff has the knowledge and ability to move quickly and to help minimize any kind of loss.


Coverage Details

Policy Amounts

EAGLE - $20,000 | EAGLE Excess - $2,000


EAGLE Excess

Available Coverage

Primary general liability
Emergency pollution response costs
Pollution liability insurance

Options including new and pre-existing conditions

Additional pollution legal liability insurance coverage

Additional Details

Access to Pollution Incident and Environmental Response (PIER)

Integrate Your Coverage

Watch and learn about our Environmental and General Liability Exposure program.

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