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Casualty Insurance

Protect your business and your customers, workers, drivers, and patients with tailored casualty coverage from AIG.


From workers’ compensation to high limits excess, our risk management solutions combine data-driven insights with more than 95 years of global experience in transportation, construction, healthcare, and more – to help you dream big and rest easy.

Let’s focus on safety together.

Casualty Products From AIG

AIG’s Energy and Construction Casualty Insurance includes industry-specific primary and excess casualty solutions.

Good For

Energy and construction companies looking for industry-tailored casualty coverage and risk mitigation.

AIG’s can help protect you with a strong, unified tower of excess liability coverage.

Good For

Companies interested in extending their casualty coverage for additional potentially catastrophic liability losses.

AIG’s Healthcare Liability Insurance provides flexible liability coverages and patient safety expertise for healthcare risks.

Good For

Healthcare companies looking for industry-specific casualty coverage and risk consulting services.

AIG’s multinational casualty professionals around the globe help protect businesses with growing or established international operations.

AIG’s seasoned professionals provide flexible casualty insurance solutions for business of every size, in every sector.

Good For

Any business that needs comprehensive casualty coverage in both domestic and international markets.

AIG offers product liability, product recall, and contaminated product insurance for businesses involved in product chain of commerce across many industries.

Good For

Manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, and importers seeking coverage for almost any product liability risk.

Our consultants combine risk expertise, insights from data science, the power of technology, and best-in-class service to bring you innovative safety solutions tailored to your organization's needs.

Good For

Companies in any industry seeking ways to create safer work environments and improve their loss experience.

Benefits of Casualty Insurance From AIG

Best-in-Class Claims

In 2015, risk managers, insurance buyers, and brokers for the world’s largest companies ranked our claims service No.1.*

Using fresh insight, new technology, and smarter strategies, AIG delivers better claims outcomes.

Learn More About Best-in-Class Claims

Casualty Risk Consulting

When accidents happen, casualty insurance is your company’s safety net. How about preventing accidents before they happen? AIG’s risk consultants combine data-driven insights and the latest safety technology to help you reduce risks.

Learn More About Casualty Risk Consulting

Man in hard hat observing unloading of a cargo ship
A medical health professional checks his computer

Learn More About Global Casualty Trends

AIG Casualty Insurance Professionals Are Here to Help

Across the world, AIG is helping to keep businesses, workers, drivers, and patients safer. Find your partner in protection today.

*2015 Advisen Claims Satisfaction Survey