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Road Safety

According to the World Health Organization, road accidents are the number one killer of 15 to 29 year-olds around the world today and are the eighth leading cause of death globally. Road crashes already cost the world USD $518 billion a year and are rising to be the seventh leading cause of death by 2030.


AIG insures millions of personal and commercial vehicles. By using data and analytics and by having conversations with our customers, we understand more and more every day about what causes road accidents, and what we can do to help prevent them. 

Together for Safer Roads

Global Private-Sector Coalition on Road Safety

AIG, AB InBev and AT&T co-founded Together for Safer Roads, an innovative coalition that brings together global private sector companies, across industries, to collaborate on improving road safety.


The coalition brings together members’ knowledge, data, technology, and global networks to focus on five areas that will make the greatest impact globally and within local communities. These focus areas align with the United Nations Decade of Action for Road Safety’s Five Pillars by developing programs to address issues in road safety management, safer roads and mobility, safer vehicles, safer road users, and post-crash response. 

Road Safety Initiatives

Using Telematics to Improve Driver Safety

AIG recently partnered with Europcar Ireland for a pilot project to determine if a “smoother” driver is a safer driver and if we could incentivize safer driving behavior. By using data from telematics devices on Europcar Ireland’s fleet, AIG was able to analyze speed, harsh acceleration and braking, and cornering speed of rental cars, and then provide renters with a smooth-driving score.

The study determined that high smooth-driving scores were linked to fewer accidents. In fact, the smart use of this data resulted in a reduction of claims by 23%. 

Helping Clients Make Better Fleet Purchasing Decisions With Data Analytics

By harnessing data available through our Client Centric Analytics initiative, AIG was able to supply our client with information to help them make better fleet purchasing decisions. Our analytics identified the model of vehicles associated with claims that were 20 to 30% more expensive than claims involving other models.

Bringing Road Safety Education to Singapore Preschools

AIG Singapore launched a program to educate children between the ages of three to five about road safety.

Road Safety Materials

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