Reinventing the Onboarding Process

Melissa Meserve

Vice President, Head of US Programs Business Development

Melissa is a logistics maestro. She helps to make sure the onboarding process runs as smoothly as possible, works to manage expectations and offers open communication on both ends. For Melissa, this means doing a lot of listening. Luckily she’s great at it.

Melissa has 29 years’ experience working for AIG in D&O, Lexington Insurance Company, and Programs, which affords her a well-rounded view of all aspects of insurance—even from an open brokerage perspective. She has met with PAs, MGAs and MGUs to develop great programs and feels confident in knowing how to get things done. Insurance is kind of in Melissa’s blood. Her grandfather and father owned an agency—so she grew up in the industry. As a young girl, she used to type up policies on a typewriter in their office, using white-out for any mistakes. At the time she swore she’d never go this route as a profession…but after dabbling in retail work, she realized insurance felt more rewarding.

Melissa believes that insurance done well is a team effort and requires lots of talents and skill-sets. When working with her, you can expect to experience a whole-team mentality…dedicated to coming to the table and finding the “yes.” She feels that success happens when everyone involved remains open minded, as this provides a new perspective in an industry that tends to do things “the way they’ve always been done.”

The AIG difference, according to Melissa, comes down to true partnerships for long-term success. One of her proudest accomplishments is to have put together a social services program for AIG which allowed her to get to know different programs and organizations (and how to properly support them). “That’s when you can see how much insurance truly makes a difference,” she noted. “As well as when we can personally meet people at industry conferences. Because that’s what it’s all about. People. It’s not just a policy—it’s a person.”

Sean Coleman

Vice President & Division Counsel | AIG Programs

Sean has worked as an attorney in the insurance business for over 20 years—but before that, he was a musician and a social worker. His work with homeless adults and at-risk teens provided him with insight that he still uses today: every transaction, whether business or personal, begins and ends with a human being.

Sean believes that in recognizing and honoring our shared humanity, we can do a better job of supporting each other as businesspeople. People are under pressure from a variety of things every day—they carry heavy things on their shoulders—and he works to be mindful of that with every business transaction he has. It’s not just about business—it’s about people.

Day-to-day, Sean works with legal counsel and senior business leaders from AIG’s business partners. He understands that moving a program can be painful for a prospect, and that negotiating PA agreements can be a particular pain point—but he knows the way he responds to these initial pain points can set the tone for the entire relationship, and he’s mindful of client needs. He’s proud to look at every interaction as steps to forming a true partnership—and a uniquely personal experience.

Sean takes his job seriously but takes himself lightly. He allows the people he works with to be vulnerable around him—because he’s vulnerable around them, too. He finds this to be a refreshing way to take serious business. “Any book of program business is a substantial asset of the Program Administrator and that’s clearly something we take seriously. We want to align our incentives with our Program Administrators so we can grow together,” he notes, “but we also want it to be an enjoyable process.”

Years ago, when Sean’s wife was diagnosed with a brain tumor, they met a doctor that taught him something that has always stayed with him: don’t just provide the information your clients need to know—be the person they need you to be. Sean strives to do this every day for AIG Programs—and we’re so glad to have him on our team.