Reinventing Customized Solutions

Dana Goettsch

Program Manager, AIG Programs

Dana sees her roles as managing relationships with program administrators and helping to ensure that 3rd party relationships are strong. She oversees many aspects of AIG Programs business and makes tweaks as necessary—sort of like an orchestra conductor.

Dana has seven years in her current role and over 20 years in insurance. She fell into the industry after being referred by a friend, but she has really grown to love it and the opportunities it provides. “There are so many different things you can do with insurance,” she noted.

Dana enjoys keeping her eye on the big picture view of insurance—and sees it as a really important financial tool to help clients stay in business and stay successful—a tool to help people and their businesses thrive.

Dana says that she’s always been impressed, first and foremost, with the talent, experience and knowledge that her AIG team boasts. She feels that AIG is second to none in this aspect, and in the resources we can offer.

One standout moment for Dana is the tenured program she’s working on right now. The program has been with AIG for a long time—and this can sometimes mean things get stagnant…but not here! At AIG, we’re committed to continuous improvement. Dana has seen this first-hand through the benefits and results of the new rating system they’ve adopted, new efficiencies, and overall effort in this transition to afford an amazingly beneficial outcome all around.

Heather Warren

Program Manager, AIG Programs

Heather considers herself as the conductor of all issues or questions that arise concerning AIG Programs. She has worked within the insurance industry since graduating from high school in 1992, and has spent eight years as a program manager. The many years she spent working in insurance have given her a well-rounded, big-picture view of things.

Heather is proud to have been a part of the building (and launching) of a new large, multi-line program…and she’s done this work from the ground up, which means that she and her team have customized every piece of the plans. Like true master architects, they’ve made sure that the program they’re building speaks to the needs of our clients—and Heather found the process to be very rewarding.

“Special programs require special coverages—and each new client that works with AIG is very specialized when it comes to their needs. You have to be able to operate from a niche perspective when you’re in Programs. Cookie cutter business isn’t Program business,” Heather noted.

Heather believes that the customization AIG offers is what helps us truly stand out—that and our responsiveness. “If we are working together—you’ll hear from me. Lots. I’ll work to get you what you need. We’re partners—and you can expect service and support that shows that,” she shared.

Shazia Salerno

Product Development Director, AIG Programs

Shazia and her team are involved with anything and everything product-related in some capacity or another. And product development work and processes come into play at a very foundational level. She believes that doing good work encompasses effective communication, collaboration, a solutions-oriented mindset and putting yourself in your customer’s shoes to provide value-added services that separate us from our competition.

Shazia isn’t afraid to get in the weeds with clients and stakeholders to have technical discussions to ensure that everything is properly communicated and flows in the right direction. She started in insurance as an 18-year-old intern at Aon while in college (as an Actuarial Science major) and has held a variety of insurance-related positions over the years, including underwriting. After this experience, she branched out into product development where she enjoys the specialized nature of product work, and the discipline and diligence associated with product management.

Because she worked in underwriting for half of her career, Shazia stepped easily into her product development role. “Having an underwriting mindset is the key to being good at product development,” she explained. “You need to think about exposure, coverage and market needs to develop strong forms and varied products.”

Shazia believes in the power of being proactive rather than reactive to serve clients better. She likes to take ownership of things that come her way with a “take the bull by the horns” attitude. Shazia feels proud of what her team brings to the table and the way they work together to tackle initiatives with 110% effort and a high level of dedication and responsiveness. “We serve an important support and communication function and strive to make things easier – product development and filings can be an arduous process for our clients and stakeholders,” she noted.

As an example, Shazia previously worked for another insurance company where she worked with a specific Program Administrator. Today, over 12 years later, AIG is vetting a new program for that same Program Administrator and one of the principals there remembered her efforts because she and her team had been able to deliver in a noteworthy manner for him in the past. This meant a lot to Shazia, who feels that people are important above all else. “People are core to the success of a company,” she explained.