Wildfire Protection Unit

AIG Private Client Group’s Wildfire Protection Unit is a service1 offered to our policyholders in select areas within the U.S.—is the first-ever personal wildfire protection program of its kind. Our goal is simple: help you pre-empt wildfire damage before it occurs.

Service Overview

The Wildfire Protection Unit is not a private fire department; it's a loss mitigation service designed to help you pre-empt damage well before a wildfire even ignites. The services includes:

Home or Virtual Consultation

Our wildfire protection specialists can visit your property to assess its vulnerability in the event of a wildfire and offer recommendations to help you enhance its resiliency.

"During a recent consultation, I provided many suggestions and tips to better protect our policyholder's home. This included increasing their 'defensible space' by removing unnecessary brush, cleaning gutters filled with debris, and referring them to a tree/pruning company to remove some palm fronds. I left the property knowing we helped them do all they could to protect their home if a wildfire hit the area." —A mitigation specialist from AIG's Wildfire Protection Unit

Ongoing Monitoring

Our dedicated intelligence center is staffed with highly trained, experienced geographical information specialists who track fire behavior, conditions, direction, and changing fire perimeters. In addition, sophisticated mapping technology identifies insured homes in real-time as wildfires approach and provides our response trucks with state-of-the-art fire monitoring capabilities.

During a Wildfire

It is our goal to dispatch wildfire mitigation specialists to the affected area. If access is permitted, wildfire mitigation specialists can visit vulnerable properties to help remove combustibles and, when necessary, apply Thermo-Gel for structure and landscaping protection.2

"Thanks to [the Wildfire Protection Unit], my house is still standing. Private Client Group made the difference between losing my home and all of my memories and it being safe. I have told everyone that will listen about the service." —A customer in Yorba Linda, CA

Superior Mitigation Product

We use Thermo-Gel, a common fire blocking agent, which can be applied directly structures or landscaping.

1 Eligibility requirements apply; enrollment required.
2 The application of fire retardant is one part of an overall wildfire mitigation plan and homeowners should consult with public service organizations like the California Department of Forestry, Fire Protection or FireWise USA (www.fire.ca.gov) or (www.firewise.org) for more tips and information on wildfire mitigation. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to access your property during a wildfire. We cannot guarantee the application of fire retardant will prevent or reduce damage to your property from a fire.

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