Hurricane Protection & Outreach

AIG Private Client Group’s Hurricane Protection & Outreach program*—offered as a service for our policyholders in select coastal U.S. locations—can help you prepare effectively for hurricane season and minimize the impact of wind and water on your home after a storm.

Hurricane Protection & Outreach can help you proactively alleviate wind and water damage and preserve the value of furnishings, artwork, and other possessions. We provide two core services: 

Pre-season Planning

Prior to hurricane season, policyholders in eligible locales can request a home consultation with an AIG Private Client Group hurricane mitigation specialist. Each consultation will help households consider topics including:

  • Developing a formal plan that can serve as an outline for evacuation
  • Establishing an emergency contact list
  • Installing shutter systems
  • Protecting and/or relocating valuable items to higher levels or self-contained storage areas
  • Relocating vehicles or placing them on lifts
  • Moving drapes and window treatments away from openings
  • Locking down doors and windows
  • Stabilizing vegetation and trees
  • Securing and protecting outdoor art
  • Removing outdoor items, such as furniture, that could become airborne
  • Creating maintenance programs for window caulking, threshold inspections, seals around doors, roofing, tree trimming, drain systems, and back-up generator systems

Post-storm Outreach

We closely track the progress and projected landfall of approaching storms. This helps us identify insured homes that are likely to be the most vulnerable.

After landfall, we make every effort to contact affected policyholders to check in, assist in expediting claims, and provide connections to qualified restoration companies.

* Eligibility requirements apply; enrollment required

AIG Private Client Group is a division of the member companies of American International Group, Inc. (AIG).  Policies are underwritten by member companies of AIG, including AIG PROPERTY CASUALTY COMPANY.  Any coverage and supplemental services described herein may not be available in all jurisdictions, may have certain limitations and are subject to underwriting review and approval. Services provided, including by third parties, are not guaranteed by AIG Private Client Group and may be discontinued at any time.