Multinational Properties

Protection for all the places you call home

When you own multiple residences, it may seem prudent to use local resources for insurance. However, insurance considerations can become much more complex as you cross country borders. In the event of a claim, you may find that your coverage doesn't respond as expected. Fortunately, we can help.

How it works

AIG Private Client Group offers a program designed expressly for multinational personal insurance clients. If you are a U.S.-based policyholder with AIG Private Client Group, we can extend consistent coverage to your homes abroad as well.* We can work in concert with your U.S.-based independent insurance advisor to strengthen your protection and streamline the process. This consolidated approach makes it much easier to ensure you have ample protection and claim support regardless of location.

Access to world-class loss prevention expertise

When you entrust AIG to safeguard your homes and belongings outside the U.S., you can still benefit from the expertise of our highly experienced risk management specialists. We are at your service to help you ensure you have the right amount of coverage in place and are doing everything possible to maximize family and property safety.

Consummate claims support, wherever you are

Our deeply experienced U.S. claims team will coordinate local assistance 24/7 and ensure that your preferences and discretion remain top of mind.

* Coverage is not available in all jurisdictions outside of the US.  

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