Collector Cars

From Amelia Island to Pebble Beach, AIG policyholders are used to receiving best-in-show accolades for their vehicles.

They also expect the best when it comes to insurance protection, and we offer pioneering solutions that measure up to the best craftsmanship on wheels.

Whether your goal is to obtain numerous examples of a single marque or to acquire that one particularly elusive automobile with an impeccable pedigree, look to us for broad, customizable collector car insurance coverage, including:

  • Worldwide coverage, including while in transit or on loan
  • No deductibles
  • Agreed values
  • Reimbursement up to an additional 50% of scheduled value
  • Loss in value coverage for partial losses
  • Immediate coverage for new acquisitions
  • Comprehensive liability — a single policy to cover your entire collection
  • Choice of repair shop
  • On-track coverage, subject to some restrictions

Unlike your daily driver, preserving the value of a collector car requires more than a savvy mechanic. Let AIG help you understand all of the factors that could pose risk to your vehicles. Contact us to consult on garage facility construction and protection, and for vetted referrals for shipping, restoration, and valuation.