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Our Deep Expertise

Diverse Experts. A Shared Passion.

To create the most meaningful solutions, we don’t just learn about customers’ passions: We live them. It takes a commitment and personal connection to get to a deeper level of understanding of our policyholders’ unique needs. Our team of experts are deeply engaged in the subject matter expertise, categories, and communities that align with our policyholders' interests. Among the talent on our teams:

●     Former yacht captain

●     Car collector

●     Art auction executive

●     Custom home specialists

●     World-class restoration experts

●     Equine specialist

The result is a holistic and expert approach across Loss Prevention, Underwriting, and Claims to protect what matters most to our policyholders.

Custom Created For Your Needs

In 2000, AIG Private Client Group broke new ground to cater to the high-net-worth individuals whose needs were not fully met, nor understood, by the mainstream insurance marketplace. Driven by deep expertise and passion for our policyholders, we’ve pioneered innovative solutions and developed resources, including the first-ever Department of Loss Prevention within personal insurance. Our business was custom built around the unique needs of a unique clientele.   


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We Understand Where You Stand -- So We Can Protect Your Path Forward. 

AIG Private Client Group is a division of the member companies of American International Group, Inc. (AIG).  Policies are underwritten by member companies of AIG, including AIG PROPERTY CASUALTY COMPANY.