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Property Performance®


  • Property
  • Cyber
  • Cyber Peril Service Interruption
  • Data Preservation Expenses
  • Contractual Penalties
  • Crisis Management
  • Equipment Breakdown
  • Environmental clean-up; Upgrade to Green® Primary
  • Embedded Terrorism Coverage on Global Master Policy

Available Limits



$2.5 billion

Minimum Premium


Minimum Deductible


Targeted Classes/ Industries

Medium to large size business


Automotive, Aviation & Aerospace, Communications, Media & Technology, Education, Entertainment, Financial Institutions, Food & Beverage, Healthcare, Hospitality & Gaming, Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Marine, Other Services, Professional Services, Public Entity & Not for Profit, Real Estate, Retail / Wholesale, Sports & Events

Targeted Geographies


Excluded Classes/ Industries

Energy Risk, Livestock Farms except dairy, Cotton Ginning, Fish Hatcheries and Preserves, Vacant Buildings, Meat Packing, Abattoirs and slaughter houses, Rice Milling, Wet Corn Milling, Cottonseed, Soybean and Vegetable Oil Mills, Animal and Marine Fats and Oils, Logging , Saw and Plaining Mills, Marinas, Used Merchandise Stores, Sporting and Recreational Camps, RV Parks and Campsites

AIG’s Property Performance® is comprehensive insurance product and may include value added services such as engineering and natural catastrophe analysis. The form is a very broad all risks form with market leading coverage extensions built in to make it easy for the broker to do business with us. It is available for customers in most occupancies with insurable values greater than $50 million with locations in a single country or multiple countries around the world.

The AIG Property Claims Promise affirms that our  dedicated  team  of  claims experts will mobilize in rapid response to a covered event and will advance our  policyholders up to 50% of an agreed loss estimate within 7 days, giving them the immediate working funds they need for property damage and repairs, clean-up costs and extra expenses.


A ransomware attack left multiple hospitals unable to access patient electronic data. A malicious code is used to encrypt data on the hospitals’ computers and the attackers demand payment to unlock the electronic data. The attack causes many patients in need of care to be turned away and multiple procedures are cancelled.


Property Performance could pay for the following

  • Business Income loss associated with the cancelled procedures
  • Reasonable and necessary extra expense to carry out procedures at another facility
  • Restoration of the corrupted, erased or altered electronic data
  • Forensic investigation to determine cause and scope of the attack

Contingent Time Element:

A manufacturer with locations in the U.S. purchases custom fabrics from a direct supplier located in Italy. The supplier’s production shuts down due to a covered Ingress and Egress loss because of a major earthquake in the area and the supplier cannot provide the needed fabric to our client. This, in turn, causes a partial shutdown of our client’s production. Although the supplier did not suffer any physical damage at its facility and although our customer’s coverage territory is limited to the U.S., with Property Performance worldwide Contingent Time Element coverage and broadened coverage triggers that include Ingress and Egress, the loss could be paid.


Property Performance could pay for the following

  • Reasonable and necessary extra costs for alternative fabric
  • Reasonable and necessary overtime costs to make up production once the fabric is obtained
  • Loss of Profits associated with scheduled orders that are cancelled

Flexible Valuation:

A hospital client suffers a fire which results in a total loss of a building that housed an outpatient clinic. At the time of the loss, there is ample room within the hospital to house the outpatient clinic so there is little value to the customer in
rebuilding; due to the flexible valuation provisions in Property Performance, we could pay the replacement cost of the building and have the client use the proceeds to invest in additional hospital beds and equipment in another unit of the hospital which would be the more profitable.

Property Performance could pay for the following

  • Business Income loss associated with scheduled  outpatient services that are cancelled
  • Replacement cost of the damaged building

Market-leading per-risk capacity of $2.5 billion worldwide — buoyed by AIG’s substantial investments in analytics, technology, and loss prevention engineering.


A global force of 600+ engineers provide their expertise in critical catastrophic perils such as flood, earthquake and windstorm. Clients benefit from risk consulting services and professional recommendations that go beyond site inspections.


State-of-the-art modeling technology and over 250 experts at AIG’s Cat Management and Analytics Center of Excellence embed insightful analytics into the risk management process.


AIG partnered with Clemson University to cultivate research and unlock data-driven insights at our new Risk Engineering and System Analytics (RESA) Center.


A state-of-the-art Global Engineering Training Center keeps our loss prevention engineering staff best in class with a full-scale fire protection laboratory and virtual reality training.


Industry-Tailored Options: Custom built, industry-focused forms are available with additional coverage extensions designed to meet client- specific needs in education, healthcare, manufacturing, real estate, retail sectors, airports, hospitality, and condominiums.


Broad All Risk Coverage: Featuring built in coverage enhancements and fewer conditions and warranties make it easy to do business. Features like our enhanced business interruption coverage, which provides the client the better of Loss of Profits or Gross Earning calculations, to maximize the clients’ recovery and make claims settlements simple. Property Performance is all about ease of doing business and maximizing the clients’ business continuity.