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Specialty Workers' Compensation and USL&H

  • Specialty Workers’ Compensation (SWC) provides mono-line, guaranteed cost Workers’ Compensation (WC) for small and mid-sized businesses

    • Minimum premium between $7,500 - $15,000 depending on class code/industry; maximum premium $250,000
    • Over 300 eligible Workers' Compensation class codes in eWC system
  • U.S. Longshore and Harbor Workers (USL&H) provides customized, multistate programs that combine State Act workers’ compensation and coverage under the U.S. Longshore and Harbor Workers (USL&H) Compensation Act

    • Minimum premium $10,000

Broad industry appetite for operations in the following areas:

  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Trade contractors specializing in electrical and plumbing
  • Retail and wholesale
  • Technology and professional services

Exposures requiring further underwriting review:

  • 24-hour operations
  • Uninsured subcontractors and independent contractors
  • Predominant transportation risks
  • Structural demolition or wrecking and construction/repair on bridges and overpasses
  • Heights > 20 feet
  • Underground work > 6 feet
  • Maritime risks

Geographic Focus:

  • 50 state capability with strong appetite for multi-state risks


  • Robust eWC online platform allows brokers to enter new business submissions and receive immediate online quotes and binders

  • WCPAYGO® premium payment option offers web-based payroll reporting, allowing business owners to pay their WC premium based on actual reported payroll (for eligible risks)

Client Risk Solutions (CRS):

  • Safety Concierge Services connects clients with a vast network of industry experts quickly via a toll-free number or dedicated email

  • RiskTool Advantage®: newly updated, web-based e-learning system for workplace safety, training, accident investigation and other risk management topics


  • Dedicated WC Claims staff, including senior technical specialists, handle complex claims across 20+ U.S. locations

  • Nurse Triage and Outcome Based Network program provides guidance for injured workers to receive right treatment (resulting in self treatment for 30-40% of calls) and avoid unnecessary ER care or doctor’s visits. Nurse Triage is available in 50 states and Outcome Based Network in 37 states.

  • Settlement Strategy based on claims expertise to reduce total cost of risk