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Side-A Directors & Officers

  • Broad appetite for Side-A Directors & Officers (D&O) business

    • Across full spectrum of formations, i.e., public, private, non-profit, partnerships
    • Across all industries within commercial, non-profit, and financial institutions
    • Size: from $25M annual revenue and up
    • Complementing our presence on entity-based primary and excess with Side-A positions, from the U.S. or Bermuda

Side-A Select®:

• New form introduced in 2018 with market-leading coverage enhancements:

    - Innovative per claim limit structure means unrelated claims within the same policy period now get fresh limits without the need to exhaust the remainder of the tower to trigger reinstatement

        - Optional additional dedicated individual limits

        - Narrower conduct exclusion

        - Broader fines and penalties coverage

        - Updated pre-claim inquiry coverage

        - Optional multinational program solution

• Broker amendatories available with customized solutions to garner top-level broker support for Side-A Select form
• Side-A Match Edge (SAME)® structure is available on AIG’s Primary D&O policies with any AIG Side-A capacity (lead or excess) from any geography

    - Broadens the Side-A cover available within primary ABC policy to match terms of Side-A DIC policy form; with broader coverage extending up follow-form ABC tower


Preferred Risks

Non-Preferred Risks


• Side-A capacity can be deployed on primary basis

• More often Side-A capacity sits excess of ABC limits

• Long-term partnership with clients is AIG’s goal

• Financially distressed companies

• Cryptocurrency

Product Innovation:

• History of customizing manuscripted policies or coverages for specific insureds

• Introduced new form, Side-A Select, in 2018 (see above)

• Side-A Match Endorsement (SAME) leads Side-A market into ABC portion of the program


Committed to delivering world-class multinational expertise, solutions and service to clients in a globally consistent and seamless fashion through one of the largest global networks in the industry, spanning 215+ countries and jurisdictions; 14,000 in force underlyer policies.


• Unique partnership between claims and underwriting ensures coverage is continuously updated to address today’s emerging exposures of entities and individuals

• Experienced claims team, comprised of 200 specialists handling over 25,000 claims annually, including Side-A claims for public, private, non-profit, and financial institutions

• Financial Lines pays over $1.5B in claims each year

• Noted in both AON and Marsh’s respective claims surveys as the best claims team in Financial Lines