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Trade Credit


  • Domestic, Foreign, Global Accounts Receivable
  • Medium Term Trade Credit
  • A/R Secure®
  • Top Accounts/Single-Buyer Policy
  • Comprehensive Domestic & Export Credit Insurance
  • Trade Credit for Multinationals
  • Credit Insurance for Banks & Financial Institutions


Policy Limits and Country Limits up to $500 million or more

Buyer Limits

Coverage for specific, scheduled customers up to $250 million or more

Minimum Premium

$50,000 Revenue: $10 million minimum. No maximum or sweet spot besides for A/R Secure  

Minimum Retention 

Typically insure 90% of their receivables excess of deductible – 10% co-insurance
For banks and other financial institutions insureds, we may offer 100% excess of deductible


A/R Secure and top accounts – No or very low deductible; all others may or may not. No minimum or maximum

Notable Exposures

Agriculture, retail, metals

Targeted Classes/Industries

Agriculture, Automotive, Capital Equipment, Chemicals, Computer Hardware, Software, Consumer Electronics, Consumer Goods, Energy, Food, Metals

Targeted Geographies


Additional Product Eligibility 

  • Supply Chain Finance
  • Pre-Export Import and Export Finance
  • Factoring
  • Multinational

Trade Credit Insurance protects the accounts receivable of a policyholder against loss due to a customer bankruptcy or payment default due to financial or political events.

In addition, Trade Credit Insurance can support the insured’s financial strength and provide confidence to extend credit to new and existing customers. That support and confidence can help firms to grow profitably, and to weather the up-and-downs of the business cycle. Businesses of all sizes from global multinationals to small businesses can benefit from the value of Trade Credit Insurance.

Key Customer Files Bankruptcy

When one of our insureds was faced with adverse financial conditions as result of the insolvency of a key customer, our Trade Credit insurance responded by indemnifying the insured for a substantial portion of the customer’s covered unpaid accounts receivable, which allowed the insured to move forward without significant disruption to the business’ cash flow.
Thereafter, AIG took the lead in the ongoing recovery effort to reduce the loss sustained for the benefit of both parties.


Subsidiary Files Bankruptcy

When a US parent company abruptly decided to place one of its local subsidiaries under bankruptcy protection in Canada, our insureds were indemnified for covered loss for shipments to that subsidiary despite the fact that the parent company continued to operate.


Supporting Working Capital

Our insured in the rice distribution business, which is heavily dependent upon a working capital loan from a global bank to finance its business, suffered a credit loss in Mexico when one of its largest customers went bankrupt. The claim payment from AIG allowed the insured to continue to service the principal and interest on the working capital loan and not lose access to a key funding partner. The insured’s global banking partner, as a Loss Payee on the policy, recognized the strength and support provided by our insurance, and continued to provide the loan into the future.

AIG has been providing trade credit insurance in multiple countries around the world for more than three decades. We offer local underwriting expertise and policy servicing capabilities virtually anywhere a client’s business operates, including many emerging markets.


Clients can customize non-cancellable limits coverage, credit management tools, and debt collection services to meet their specific needs and location.


Trade Credit clients are provided with flexible program structures to allow a high level of autonomy when granting credit to customers.


Non-cancellable trade credit insurance limits where limits approved by us cannot be reduced or cancelled for 12 months.


Whether a claim is driven by a single default or a market crisis, clients can count on a rapid response from our experienced claims team. They are committed to mitigating risk, reducing loss, and protecting businesses from significant disruption.


Trade Credit clients can apply for credit limits, review coverage, and access macroeconomic data via our Global Limits online policy management system, 24/7 and from anywhere.


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