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Inland Marine Insurance


Capability to write the following coverages on an admitted and non-admitted:

  • Contractor’s equipment
  • Dealers open lot inventory and floor plan
  • Leased property (single and dual interest)
  • Mining equipment
  • Motor truck cargo
  • Forestry and agricultural equipment
  • Warehouse legal liability
  • Equipment dealers
  • Rigger’s liability
  • Bridges, tunnels
    Vehicle physical damage
  • Railroad and railroad rolling stock
  • Marinas, piers, and docks
    Port equipment/container cranes
  • Transportation risks, including trip transit
  • Property on exhibition

Available Limits and Capacity 

Up to $250 million depending on the class of business 

Minimum Premium  

Admitted: $10,000
Non-admitted: $100,000

Minimum Deductible 

Flexible, based on exposure 


Admitted: AAIS Forms
Non-Admitted: LexInlandMarinePlusSM 

Targeted Classes/Industries 

Agriculture, Automotive, Communications, Media & Technology, Construction, Financial Institutions, Forestry & Integrated Wood Products, Manufacturing, Marine Mining Metals & Minerals, Rail, Retail / Wholesale, Transportation , Warehousing, Logistics, Equipment Dealers

Targeted Geographies 


Excluded Classes/Industries


AIG and Lexington have been providing coverage for inland marine exposures for decades and tailor coverage to address challenging inland marine risks. AIG’s collective inland marine underwriting capabilities – admitted and non-admitted – are now accessible through a single dedicated underwriting group allowing us to be your easy, one-stop-shop, to place “flow” business or complex inland marine risks.


AIG’s comprehensive property engineering services include property loss control surveys, impairment monitoring, plan reviews, and consulting services – beneficial resources to the insurance coverage. A new and ultra-flexible non-admitted solution: Lex InlandMarinePlusSM is now available.

Business Interruption:

An insured construction company sustained a loss to a brand new excavator on Friday, August 26, 2016. The loss was submitted by the insured on September 1st at 7:33AM, indicating it was critical to have the unit inspected and repairs
started. The inspection was assigned to an AIG approved heavy equipment appraiser at 8:15AM the same day. The damaged unit was inspected the next day and repairs were initiated to mitigate the insured’s down time.

Equipment Damage:

The insured was unloading a printing press when it dropped and caused damage. The claim was assigned to the Inland Marine examiner, who proceeded to make immediate contact and was advised that the cargo owner wished to total the
machine. The file was then assigned to an AIG approved vendor to investigate the facts surrounding the loss, along with conducting an inspection. The vendor provided valuable expertise with over ten years of experience handling a national newspaper account, which extended into contacts with the printing industry. The inspection of the unit was completed within 72 hours and the damage
was verified as a total loss. The Inland Marine examiner worked with the claimant in securing a replacement press. In addition, salvage was addressed and was sold to lower the overall claims cost. The claim was resolved within 30 days, mitigating the loss to the claimant and protecting the insured from further damages associated with loss of income and delay.

Fire Damage:

An insured submitted a claim for damage to a utility trailer due to a fire that spread to five additional Insured units. The claim involved the total destruction of two tractors and four trailers for a combined worth of $500,000 in scheduled value. Upon receipt of the claim the Inland Marine examiner made immediate contact and retained a cause and origin specialist to conduct an inspection, along with a heavy equipment appraiser. Both vendors were on the AIG approved panel and met the high standards of expertise and service. The inspection of the equipment was completed within 72 hours of the loss and within 24 hours
of first loss notice. The cause and origin specialist examined all units involved in the loss and also accessed surveillance footage. Upon completion of the investigation it was determined that the fire was due to product flaws within the refrigeration of the unit and the manufacturer was placed on notice. The file was then referred to the Inland Marine recovery unit within Global Recovery Services.

Marine Loss Control Engineering: Our Marine Loss Control Engineering (MLCE) team provides a wide range of services tailored to benefit clients involved in cargo transportation; from multinational manufacturers to logistics service providers. Our services are designed to identify and quantify clients’ marine exposures, and deliver on solutions to minimize risk.


Clients benefit from 24/7 access to the Inland Marine Claims Hotline and a team that has understanding of trucking, heavy equipment, and inland marine.


Our seasoned team of claims and highly trained underwriting professionals provide insureds with experience to better protect the full breadth of their property assets.


Through Client Risk Solutions (CRS) services clients have access to AIG’s industry experts, risk engineers and consultants, data scientists, modelers and analysts, fraud investigators, and crisis response teams. It connects you to all the advantages of our partnerships with leading academic institutions and technology providers. AIG partnered with Clemson University to cultivate research and unlock data-driven insights at our new Risk Engineering and System Analytics (RESA) Center.

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