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Crime Insurance & Financial Institution Bonds


Fidelity Insurance, often referred to as “crime” insurance, can mitigate losses due to employee theft or dishonesty, impersonation fraud, fraudulent funds transfer instructions, and more.

Available Limits

Up to $25 million available

Targeted Classes, Industries, Geographies

Commercial, Non-Profit,  Financial Institutions, and Governmental Entities

Additional Product Eligibility

Often sold with corresponding coverages for Directors & Officers, Fiduciary, and Employment Practices Liability.

AIG’s Crime Insurance and Financial Institution Bonds provide tailored coverage for commercial and governmental entities, as well as financial institutions and financial services firms.


These policies address loss of money, securities, and other assets resulting from acts such as employee theft, theft on premises or in-transit, forgery, fraudulent transfer of funds, and computer systems fraud.


Backed by expert underwriting and claims teams with years of experience in this space, our teams will work to resolve a claim efficiently if a loss does occur.

False Invoicing:

A site manager created false invoices to be paid to companies he controlled. He also worked in collusion with legitimate vendors and arranged for the payment of fraudulent invoices from which he received kickbacks and he paid for personal goods and services with company money. The loss claimed was in excess of $9 million.


Payroll Manager Fraud:

A payroll manager was involved in a dishonest scheme, in which he overpaid obligations for payroll taxes. When the overpayments were brought to his attention, he directed the checks paid to reimburse the overpayment be sent to his attention. He opened a bank account in name similar to that of his employer and was able to steal the checks sent to reimburse the insured for the overpayments. The loss claimed was approximately $3 million.


Fraudulent Tax Refunds:

An employee of the state revenue department issued fraudulent tax refunds to friends and family members. The amount of the loss claimed was approximately $11 million.


Foreign Fraud:

A CEO of a foreign subsidiary was involved in a scheme wherein he submitted fraudulent invoices, stole inventory, and committed the company to transactions where he was self-dealing. The loss claimed, out of $51 million transactions, was approximately $30 million.

As a leader in the Fidelity market, AIG’s expansive primary and excess coverage options can be tailored to individual risks worldwide.


Our team of dedicated Crime & Financial Institution Bond underwriters average over 10 years of experience, providing the expertise to efficiently resolve matters and identify new loss developments and trends.


Cohesion between our claims and underwriting teams facilitates emerging loss trends being addressed through coverage enhancements or loss mitigation tools.


AIG’s locally-admitted, compliant policies are backed by local claims handling and recovery services worldwide, with dedicated recovery specialists to help clients mitigate losses and recover lost assets.


Coverage is available for Impersonation Fraud risk in many countries.

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