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AIG Trade+ Sales Narratives

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Trade+ Movie Summary

AIGTrade+ is our ground-breaking Trade Credit insurance product designed for businesses with a turnover of £5m and above across multiple industry sectors. This revolutionary product can help attract new clients as well as support clients’ international ambitions. Here are four reasons to recommend it to your clients:

1. AIGTrade+ is the first ever trade credit insurance product to combine non-cancellable limits with ground up cover. Designed for clients not wanting an Excess of Loss policy with a large risk share, it has credit limits that are set at policy inception and cannot be reduced or removed during the policy period, giving policy holder’s added peace of mind. 

2. With AIGTrade+ your clients get credit limit certainty. Credit limits are set by either an AIG underwriter or calculated automatically by the AIGTrade+ system using payment experience which delivers credit limits that match policyholders’ requirements. 

3. In the unfortunate event of a claim, AIGTrade+ policyholders receive a simplified and accelerated claims process. No more worrying about whether their credit limit will be valid because the limits have already been pre-approved by AIG. The platform also has the data to populate the claims form, speeding up the process and protecting your client’s cash flow. 

4. We’re so confident in AIGTrade+ that if we don’t agree to 70% of the requested limits within 14 days of policy inception, policyholders can cancel the policy and obtain a full refund. We’ll also install the system for free prior to policy inception, on a “no-obligation” basis, to demonstrate the exact levels of cover available. 


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Key Sales Themes


Ground up cover is an ideal solution for those companies not willing or able, to take a significant share of their receivables risk or a large deductible on their trade credit insurance. 

Non-cancellable credit limits are available from other Trade Credit insurers, but these are usually Excess of Loss products with a high degree of risk sharing. AIGTrade+ is exceptional in that it combines “ground up” coverage with non-cancellable limits. 

AIGTrade+ credit limits are non-cancellable during the policy. If a buyer’s account grows, then as long as they pay on time their credit limit will grow too. 


With AIGTrade+, credit limits are calculated for each buyer using either real time payment data from the policyholder’s accounting software or by an AIG underwriter. This means AIGTrade+ can deliver rapid and consistent credit limits that match policyholders’ requirements.

Other benefits to the clients are that there is no requirement to set discretionary credit limits, undertake any additional buyer analysis or spend money on status agency information that would be necessary to set these limits.

AIGTrade+ means less work for policyholders. They don’t have to do any of their buyer analysis themselves to set discretionary limits, so when there’s a claim they don’t have to justify any of their buyers’ credit limits because we’ve already done it for them.


Should there be a claim, AIGTrade+ policyholders do not have to worry about whether their credit limit will be valid under the policy because the limits have already been approved by AIG.

This simplifies and accelerates the claims process. If there is a claim, AIGTrade+ has the data to populate the claim form with the necessary buyer information, speeding up the claims process and protecting the policyholder’s cash flow.

With its automatic reporting capabilities, AIGTrade+ also removes any possibility of claims being denied because of failure to report overdue accounts.

By setting approved buyer credit limits and by delivering automatic overdue reports, AIGTrade+ provides more certainty for clients when there’s a claim.


There are two ways to share data with AIG’s Trade+ platform. Policyholders can use our automated extractor technology or simply manually upload their own data.