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Cover at a Glance

A high level summary only, see the policy wording for details

Cover includes:

  • Cover against claims alleging negligence as a result of Construction Professional Services
  • Covers all project participant with responsibility for professional services rendered in connection with the construction project
  • Includes architectural services, engineering services, debasing or specification services, conduct/feasibility studies and surveys
  • Includes any consultant, independent contractor or sub contractor  (including temporary contracts), any additional named insured  
  • Can be extended to indemnify the project owner/principal for legal liability for claims by 3rd parties caused by negligence of insured
  • Cover can be provided from first provision of professional services, through construction phase to practical completion
  • Extended claims reporting up to 10 years or longer after completion
  • Non-cancellable limits of liability that are dedicated to the project.
  • Claims made basis of cover



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