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Cover At A Glance

High level summary only, please see the policy wording for details.

D&O cover for individuals                              

  •   “Any One Claim Limit” for all policy modules
  •    Investigations and preclaim inquiry costs for individuals
  •    Civil fines and penalties
  •    Personal Liabilities for Corporate taxes
  •    Lifetime Run Off cover for retired or resigned individuals
  •    Mitigation costs  
  •    Assets and liability cover including extradition
  •    Emergency costs
  •    Affirmative insolvency hearing cover
  •    Affirmative Corporate manslaughter cover
  •    Reputation expenses

Entity Cover                        

  •    Corporate wrongful acts
  •    Health and safety investigation and proceedings costs
  •    Corporate Manslaughter costs
  •    Company Regulatory Crisis Response
  •    Defence costs for bodily injury and property damage claims
  •    Defence costs for Pollution claims
  •    Defence costs for breach of contract claims
  •    Defence costs for any claim seeking fines and penalties against the company
  •    Crisis Event Public Relations Expenses
  •    Identity fraud

Crime (optional module)                  

  •    Cover for fraud or dishonesty committed by an employee
  •    Cover fraudulent acts committed by any other person
  •    Care custody and control cover
  •    Fees, costs and expenses to defend a claim resulting directly from a covered financial loss
  •    Fees, costs and expense of an Investigative Specialist
  •    Damage Destruction or Disappearance of Money or Securities
  •    Impersonation Fraud
  •    Fund Transfer Fraud
  •    Worldwide cover
  •    Any single claim basis of cover

Employment Practices Liability (optional module)   

  •    Wide definitions of employee and employment practices violation
  •    Third Party Violation cover – harassment or unlawful discrimination of a third party
  •    Employment Practice or Third Party Violation committed by employee using internet
  •    Worldwide cover
  •    Retention waiver if legal panel member is engaged by client
  •    Any single claim basis of cover

Pension trustee and Employment Benefit Plan Liability (optional module)       

  •    Cover for the Insured Person, Company, Plan and Corporate Trustee
  •    Any past or present Employee Benefit or Welfare benefit plan established by Company
  •    Any past or present Pension Plan established for Company employees
  •    Contribution Notice Cover
  •    Civil fines & Penalties
  •    Pensions Ombudsman’s cover
  •    Third Party Pursuit cover
  •    Loss of documents cover
  •    Corporate Professional Trustees Extension
  •    Lifetime run off for Retired or Resigned Trustees
  •    Any single claim basis of cover

Security Response (optional module)

We will pay the fees and expenses incurred for the security services of experts in response to a crisis including:

  •    Crisis Consultants fees and expenses - £100,000 per Insured Event and in the aggregate
  •    Extra Expenses - £5,000 per Insured Event  and in the aggregate
  •    Rest and Rehabilitation Expenses - £5,000 per Insured Event and in the aggregate