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Sales Narratives

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AIG protects more multinational companies than any other insurer. Here are 6 reasons to recommend AIG to your multinational clients.

1. One. Multinational insurance is in our DNA and with nearly a century of expertise, over 500 dedicated experts and 9,000 claims staff throughout the world, we’re ready to serve your cross-border clients – no matter how complex, wherever they are.

2. Two. The AIG global network spans over 200 countries and jurisdictions, so we can scale and flex as your multinational clients enter new territories, and deliver consistent, world-class service, wherever in the world your multinational clients might be.

3. Three. Clients’ risks are evolving at tremendous speed. With our combination of product, appetite and capacity we can respond to multinational clients’ new investments, new acquisitions and new exposures, wherever they are.

4. Four. Going beyond insurance, our range of cutting edge risk management services helps your multinational clients mitigate their risks and maximize their business continuity throughout their global operations.

5. Five. Our award-winning multinational technology gives multinational clients timely policy issuance, contract and claims certainty, real-time visibility of their global program and claims activity and optimum global programme management.

6. Six. A multinational insurance programme is a long-term partnership and with our eyes on the future and our investments in technologies from virtual realities to the Internet of Things, we’re committed to helping your clients navigate the road ahead. 

AIG serves thousands of multinationals: from privately owned businesses to global conglomerates in industrial sectors throughout the world. Please have a look though this microsite, and thanks for listening!

Multinational Sales Themes


Multinational insurance is a complex area requiring precise choreography across multiple touch-points: cover, claims and regulators. With decades of multinational experience you can count on us to provide world class service to your multinational clients. 

Our multinational culture

Multinational risks are at the heart of our culture. American International Group Inc. (AIG) originated as a multinational company itself in Shanghai in 1919. Throughout the 20th century we built the AIG Global Network around the world to protect and service our multinational clients’ operations in their local markets. 


With multinational operations for almost a century, we’ve accumulated vast global knowledge of local markets, practices, regulations, tax concerns, exposures and coverage requirements. Multinational brokers and clients choose AIG for our industry expertise building and servicing multinational programs no matter how complex the requirements. And, as global regulations and local markets continuously evolve, you can count on us to keep abreast and respond rapidly to regulatory changes affecting your clients.

21st century multinational leadership

Today, AIG has over 500 dedicated multinational experts worldwide completely focused on multinational insurance and risk management solutions. These teams work with our multinational community of claims, analytics, risk engineers and underwriters across all of AIG’s commercial and consumer products and services. They aim to ensure customized, compliant and seamless solutions to meet clients’ risk, governance and contract certainty objectives - whether they have exposures in two countries or a hundred.


Today, the breadth and depth of our multinational expertise means you can trust us with your multinational clients’ insurance programs of all sizes, industrial sectors and geographies. You can count on us to listen and understand your issues, evaluate the factors that affect your specific programs and work in partnership with you to design multinational insurance programs to fit your clients’ risk management needs and strategies.

Global claims excellence

Nowhere are our multinational capabilities more evidenced than in our claims operation. With 9,000 claims staff worldwide and a robust network of partners, we stand ready to serve our multinational clients’ claims wherever they are. Technical claims specialists are located close to our clients’ operations and able to be deployed within hours of notice. Our global claims network is supported by dedicated multinational regional managers in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific to drive superior and consistent customer experience sharing best claims practices worldwide.


You can confidently say to your multinational clients that it doesn’t matter where in the world clients have a loss, we will be able to get an experienced claim professional – from AIG or one of our network partners – to the site to service that loss. Payments are made in-country in local currency wherever possible worldwide, and multinational clients can customize their claim handling instructions to ensure consistent protocols across their locations. Meanwhile our regional Multinational leadership ensures consistency of our global claims service as well as providing you and your clients with escalation points for any claims issues. See our multinational claims examples

Our 7-day major loss promise

 “In the event of a major Property Damage claim we will confirm coverage as quickly as possible and advance our policyholders up to 50% of an agreed loss estimate within 7 days for property damage, repairs, clean-up costs, and extra expense.”


We know how critical cash flow can be for businesses after a large loss with huge disruption and lengthy restoration times.  Arranging these up-front claims payments to your clients can provide great support for at what can be a difficult time for local operations.


The AIG global network supports clients’ local needs in over 200 countries and jurisdictions. Formed with strong local AIG operations and top tier local insurer network partners, we continue to enter new markets to meet our clients’ needs and this means we can scale and flex as your multinational clients expand into new territories via growth or acquisition.

Redefining network partnership 

In some countries we are represented by market leading partner insurers. Our clients’ risks are reinsured back to AIG and we’ve invested in technology and people to make sure that you and your clients receive a globally consistent and seamless service experience. The same processes, the same performance standards for policy issuance, contract certainty, regulatory compliance and claims – all rigorously tracked and enforced wherever in the world your multinational clients might be.


Multinational is a strategic priority for AIG which means that making sure your multinational clients get world class service – today and tomorrow - is an absolute priority as well. Our investment in our Network Partner Practice ensures that your multinational clients receive consistent, measurable world class service delivery from policy inception and renewal to claims handling, resulting in contract certainty and increased client satisfaction. 

Fairfax, a world class global partner 

Our largest global partner is Fairfax Financial Holdings (Fairfax), taking over AIG’s operations in: Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Uruguay, Venezuela and Turkey. They’ll also take over our operating assets and employees in Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia. Fairfax is a world class partner with a commitment to delivering the service quality that AIG clients expect. Here are some common questions and answers.


You have access to an unparalleled range and combination of products, risk appetite and capacity for conventional, emerging and alternative risk management solutions around the world. These capabilities allow you to respond to an outstanding range of opportunities for multinational businesses of different sizes, in different industrial sectors, with different risk strategies across multiple geographies worldwide.

Conventional and emerging risk solutions

Clients’ risks are evolving at tremendous speed and we can respond to multinational clients’ new investments and acquisitions with Property and Liability limits among the highest in the industry. Our relentless innovation sets us apart in covering global cyber, trade credit and D&O exposures and with our extensive global Personal Accident and Travel capabilities we can address growing risks resulting from unprecedented employee mobility. All of this is underpinned by best in class, locally approved policy wordings throughout the AIG Global Network.


Whether your risks are conventional, new or emerging, AIG is recognized for its innovative approach across the risk spectrum. This means we can respond to your multinational clients’ risk transfer and risk retention needs, no matter how big or complex they might be, and we will grow with your clients as their exposures and needs evolve around the world. 

Alternative risk solutions 

Traditional insurance solutions may not always be the answer for all of your clients’ business risks and risk tolerance. With a full spectrum of captive management and loss reimbursement capabilities, AIG is uniquely positioned to craft innovative solutions in response to all of your clients’ risk management needs.


We provide a complete range of captive advisory and management services, from single parent insurance and reinsurance captives, associations, risk retention and group captives to traditional “rent-a-captives”, protected cell companies and segregated account structures. Clients without a captive can experience many of its benefits through participation in AIG’s own captive cell facilities. As well as providing flexibility of risk retention, these arrangements also provide direct access to reinsurance, customized premiums and policies, and stable pricing outside of conventional insurance market cycles. 


Going beyond conventional insurance, your clients have access to a range of cutting edge risk management services to mitigate risk throughout the world. The same services also help you strengthen your positioning and client relationships: differentiating yourselves from competitors, adding more long-term strategic value to your clients and presenting exciting new business acquisition and retention opportunities. Here are just a few examples:

Loss control engineering

With over 700 property risk engineers and consultants worldwide, we work closely with you and your clients to reduce their business exposures and maintain their business continuity worldwide. We assess the threats to clients’ operations, the planned response and potential impacts. You and your clients have access to the expertise of our industry specialists, equipped with state of the art technical capabilities, to create globally coordinated loss prevention programs for your multinational clients’ operations throughout the world.


Your multinational clients have a single AIG global property engineering contact to ensure their operations in different countries get the right technical resource locally. Whether its ergonomics training for a factory, hazard assessments for a chemical plant or a fire protection system for a luxury hotel, we provide state-of-the art business solutions backed by robust tracking and benchmarking systems so your clients can manage their loss prevention strategies across their global operations.

Catastrophe modelling

our multinational clients have access to our extensive global engineering and analytics capabilities to help identify and manage their catastrophe exposures worldwide. We have over 200 modelling experts, more than a dozen MSc and PhD level experts in various Nat CAT areas, backed by multiple industry leading modelling systems across flood, storm, wind, and earthquake risks to evaluate the totality of clients’ catastrophe exposures.


Analytics provide actionable insights to inform your clients’ global risk management decisions and business continuity planning. For instance: which locations are driving their wind and flood risk exposures? Which locations are most likely to be impacted by storm events? How severe may losses be from potential flood or earthquake events and what are the probabilities? What are the potential impacts of terrorist activities on prominent national targets?  

Risk Tool Advantage

You can deploy RiskTool Advantage for your multinational clients in Europe and North America: a suite of over 100 employee health and safety video courses that educate staff, test their understanding and reduce the likelihood of accidents in the workplace and on the road. Many courses are available in languages other than English and all can be accessed on PCs and mobile devices. The system contains an integrated management information system to track which staff have passed which modules.


By facilitating RiskTool Advantage for your clients, you can help them implement North American and European staff safety training programs. Your clients can even supplement these with their own customized training videos and upload them into the system for their employees’ use. Employees can undertake the training at any time and place that suits them, increasing participation, reducing training costs and providing a documented audit trail for health and safety compliance purposes for customers, regulators and other interested stakeholders.

Product Liability Service

You can deliver AIG’s online Product Liability Service to your clients that design, manufacture or distribute products – including clients that repair, install and test products. The training library includes a wealth of staff training programs from managing product safety and integrity to labelling, standards and legislation and various downloadable tools and factsheets (such as a product design risk assessment tool). A management tracker records staff training and risk management activities.


The Product Liability Service helps your clients educate staff at all levels about the full extent of their businesses’ product liability exposures throughout the product life cycle. It details prevention and mitigation strategies and tests staff understanding to minimize risk. The embedded learning management system provides an auditable trail of all training and risk improvements activities undertaken by the organization to maximize clients’ abilities to defend themselves against potential product liability claims. 

Cyber loss control

AIG gives you access to an outstanding range of cyber loss prevention services for your multinational clients. Some are complimentary such as IBM vulnerability scanning across a client’s network or shunning technology to repel attacks from known “bad” IP addresses. Other services are discounted, such as dark net mining from K2 Intelligence so clients can stay apprised of the latest “chatter” about their businesses on the dark web.


Spiralling cyber risks are top of mind in the C-Suite of companies today and having world class security is paramount for reducing your clients’ associated cyber risks. AIG’s wide range of cyber loss prevention services can help you and your clients reinforce defenses against one of the most unpredictable cross-border threats facing global businesses today as well as providing cyber due diligence for companies contemplating acquisitions. Our services also provide reassurance to employees, customers, suppliers, regulators and investors that your clients’ sensitive data is strongly defended and supported by robust loss mitigation strategies.  


Reshaping the way multinational business is conducted is essential to meeting your clients’ contract and claims certainty needs. Our network expertise and experience is embedded in a range of tools and processes to give multinational clients contract and claims certainty and real-time visibility of their global program and claims activity. 

Timely policy issuance and contract certainty 

Timely policy issuance and contract certainty are vital but challenging to achieve without a proactive approach. Our end-to-end process delivers both. We talk to clients and brokers well before inception, identifying concerns and clarifying servicing requirements (including cash before cover, anti-money laundering and broker/client sign-offs). Our proactive process management ensures that roles and accountabilities are clearly understood to enable smooth program implementation.


Timely program policy issuance for your clients gives them contract certainty with proof of policy coverage at inception. It also delivers compliance with local regulatory requirements, alignment between clients’ country operations and early allocation of program premiums. It saves the lost time and eliminates the friction and the cost associated with chasing required documentation and ensures efficient claims handling with no gaps in local policy coverage.

myAIG multinational client portal 

The myAIG Client Portal gives you and your multinational clients clear management information about their global program. Intuitive dashboards provide overviews of coverage, policy issuance and premium payment statuses, which can be drilled down to policy and country levels. The portal delivers instant access to policy wordings and invoices as well as customized regulatory and multinational reports. Clients can set up auto alerts to track developments in their program in specific countries. Learn more about myAIG (link)


You and your clients have access to all the information needed to effectively manage a global insurance program directly on desktops or other devices. The portal provides rapid real-time views of the portfolio’s performance as well as the ability to drill down to granular detail that risk managers require. In combination with its reporting and briefing capabilities, the myAIG Client Portal helps satisfy the demand for greater analytics to inform client decision making. With clients authority, we can also give you access, providing you a powerful and transparent management tool.

Multinational claims analysis

Our IntelliRisk tool gives clients direct access to their multinational program’s claims information, enabling them to monitor claims activity and run reports by multiple variables including policy type, country, and date of loss. Reports can be configured around clients’ own operational organizations and divisions, analyzed for instance by loss type, incurred and paid amounts and exported to Excel spreadsheets.


With IntelliRisk you and your clients can run global or country loss reports from the latest data whenever you wish. The depth of its information enables detailed claims forecasting, using the system’s’ built in triangulation tool, while clients can also export data to their own preferred spreadsheets for analysis. The system alerts ensure clients are current with newly registered claims, payments and adjuster activity, while it also gives risk managers a powerful presentation tool with claims profiling by line of business, cause of loss or location, all available in graphic formats.   

Multinational Knowledge and Insights Center

Our Knowledge and Insights Center displays articles from our world-class risk specialists about global risk trends, regulatory news, tax developments, political risk and claims trends in an easy-to-access online format. We are also partnering with IHS Markit®, a global provider of information and analytics, to offer timely forecasts and risk profiles on countries and regions in the spotlight. Visit Knowledge and Insights Centre (link)


Our Knowledge and Insights Center helps your multinational clients’ cross-border planning and forecasting by providing regular news, summaries and articles on global topics. It also provides you with an expert source of global information to share and to inform your conversations with your multinational clients.

Internal knowledge-driven tools

A suite of knowledge-driven internal tools deliver the information and clarity you and your clients’ need facing exposures across geographies. Our award-winning MN Xpress enables our end-to-end process by standardizing and automating the workflow process for our clients’ programs. It is powered by MN Xplore, AIG’s knowledge hub of expert regulatory, finance, tax and product intelligence. Meanwhile MN Xchange streamlines the management of policy issuance, claims reporting and service level standards with our network partners.  


Informed decision making in a constantly changing global regulatory environment is challenging but essential for risk managers and captive owners. AIG’s investments in multinational servicing technology means greater control, clarity and certainty around the design, implementation and management of global programs. Our knowledge-driven tools focus on the underlying planning, communication, and adherence to key milestones and deliverables to inject transparency and simplicity into what can otherwise be a complex process.


Partnering with AIG to serve your multinational prospects and clients is an investment in the future. A multinational risk program is a long-term partnership and risk managers know that change is gathering pace and so are the worldwide exposures facing their businesses. At AIG, with our investment in R&D and our determination to exploit innovative technology, we’re committed to helping you help your clients be better prepared for the long road ahead. Here are some of the ways we’re doing that.

Client centric analytics

By using advanced data analytics including quantitative data analysis, text mining and heat mapping, we are beginning to identify patterns in clients’ claims data and compare them with clients’ industry peers through our vast storehouse of industry claims data. This means we can pinpoint loss drivers, and create powerful benchmark comparisons that are uncovering previously unseen opportunities to help clients reduce risk.


Using client centric analytics, a detailed analysis of a major retailer’s claims forms revealed correlation between severe falls on flat surfaces with the trolleys used by sales assistants. Based on this, the client overhauled its trolley equipment to reduce accidents. In the hospitality sector, analysis of 5 years of a client’s data showed a risk concentration in the housekeeping department. Text mining uncovered high frequency of injuries around making beds and changing sheets. Armed with this data, the client’s risk management team is shaping future room designs for a safer workspace for housekeepers.

The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the connection of machines and devices to each other, effectively removing the manual operator. Today it spans objects of all shapes and sizes, from a rice maker controlled remotely by smart phone to a self-driving car. Looking forward, the numbers of IoT devices will accelerate rapidly as the cost of sensors fall, creating new exposures and uncertainties for businesses. AIG is actively investing in research and partnering with clients and academia to better understand the risks associated with IoT as well as the sharing economy.


The IoT has seismic implications for the risk managers of businesses that manufacture, distribute and use IoT devices. What is the potential for injury or damage? What are their requirements for IoT design, testing, data collection, security and maintenance? What are the contractual, warranty and intellectual property issues? Privacy concerns? With AIG, you offer your clients an insurer at the forefront of discovery, leading insurer research, partnering with academic institutions and publishing our findings to promote understanding and help your global clients navigate an IoT world.

Virtual realities

AIG has partnered with Clemson University, a renowned research and engineering institution, to develop a new risk engineering and analytics center. The goal is to enhance loss prevention training using virtual reality. New ways of experiencing risk virtually will bring client-specific exposures to the forefront in high resolution detail, opening the door to new, more effective loss prevention and risk management strategies.


As a result of the training at Clemson, AIG will be able to simulate an array of hazardous scenarios for clients. These include modelling the impact of flammable liquids on a clients’ existing or proposed manufacturing plant, or virtually testing the operational impact of a faulty roof on a leisure complex. Pioneering the next-generation of risk management tools means clients will benefit from better analysis, quantification and mitigation of a range of real-world exposures from a safe, virtual environment, presenting risk managers with unprecedented data driven options and strategies.

Wearable technologies

Safe employee practices and work environments help clients reduce injury and downtime, and drive business continuity. AIG has invested in a new start-up called Human Condition Safety, an early stage company that specializes in wearable technology by combining advanced fused sensors, artificial intelligence and cloud computing. Wearable technology can detect if someone is bending or lifting incorrectly, it can detect the moment someone loses their balance, trips, falls, carries too much weight as well as physically identifying and locating employees.


Wearable technology is going to help transform work environments around the world. Partnering with AIG, your clients have access to wearables to see exactly where employees are and monitor aggregations of employees in dangerous areas, for instance If an injured employee is detected, sensors alert medical responders quickly and guide them to the exact spot. There are multiple benefits. Not only will clients be able to keep their employees safer, they will have access to unprecedented information about workers and new data driven insights to help their businesses predict risk, reduce risk and improve operational efficiencies. 


We are interested in all kind of multinationals, regardless of size, location and sector


From privately owned businesses with asserts or operations in just one other country beyond their home country to global conglomerates.


Multinational companies worldwide – in whatever countries and jurations their operations may be located.

Industrial sector

We can also consider multinationals in any industrial sector – or as is the case with some multinationals, any combination of industrial sectors.


AIG offers an outstanding range of insurance products for multinationals around the world including:

Property and Energy





Trade Credit


PA and Travel



Captive Management


With 9,000 claims staff worldwide and a robust network of partners, we stand ready to serve our multinational clients’ claims wherever they are. Here are some examples:

Our 7-day major loss promise

 “In the event of a major Property Damage claim we will confirm coverage as quickly as possible and advance our policyholders up to 50% of an agreed loss estimate within 7 days for property damage, repairs, clean-up costs, and extra expense.”

A major fire at our multinational client’s industrial warehouse spread through multiple floors causing substantial fire and smoke damage to buildings and stock. Our claims adjuster was on-site within 24 hours, established liability immediately and we were able make a £5m advance payment within 7 days that was greatly welcomed by the client and broker.

D&O multinational master policy response

Our multinational client’s French subsidiary was accused of unfair competition by a new business founded by its former director. It was alleged that our client hindered the new business and its ability to compete by spreading rumors, including poor quality products and embezzlement. Our client’s D&O policy in France excluded unfair competition (which is the local market practice), but our master policy was designed to ensure consistency of coverage across the multinational’s organization, covered the allegations and allowed our expert Financial Lines claims team to mount a full defense of the slander claim on behalf of our client.

Impending disaster response

With severe impending flooding in Queensland, affecting an area the size of France and Germany combined, we had several multinational clients with potential exposures in the region. Our claims and risk engineering experts were immediately on the scene to help our clients establish what dangers they were in and what preventative measures could be quickly taken to reduce their exposures.  

Post-disaster response 

After heavy rain and flooding, large areas of our multinational client’s hotel were left covered in mud and silt containing raw sewage. Speed was essential and due to pre-loss claims planning, we were able to arrange the rapid deployment of a specialist damage management company, and our client’s hotel was completely cleaned, sanitized, restored and reopened before any other in the area. This allowed our client to minimize downtime and capitalize on the increased business following this catastrophic event.  

Japan tsunami

The huge earthquake, tsunami and nuclear damage unleashed Japan’s biggest crisis since the war, killing thousands, wreaking widespread damage and destruction on homes and businesses. Our claims teams delivered tons of emergency supplies of food, water and gasoline to locations throughout the region by truck, courier and private jet. Geographic Information Systems helped allocate claims resources where it was needed most and claims staff in the field were equipped with iPads to make the claims process as fast as possible.

Expert technical services - wherever they’re needed

One of our multinational clients claimed for damage to a promotional sports car in Bulgaria. Crash damage meant it was inoperable and marooned in Bulgaria. An expert inspection of the car was critical, but no experts were available locally. Shipping the car to Italy for inspection was not an option because of customs issues and tax implications, but the situation presented us with no difficulties; using our worldwide network we located the right specialist in Greece, who we flew to Bulgaria to inspect the vehicle.